Reflect and Release – A Powerful Lunar Ritual

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Reflect and Release – A Powerful Lunar Ritual

*This post was created in 2018 and has the lunar cycle dates for the time it was written. If you are visiting following our Labradorite special in May 2020, the dates you would use are the following: 

For May: Third Quarter: 14th May 2020, Waning Cycle Begins: 15th May 2020, End of Waning Cycle: 21st May 2020.

For June: Third Quarter: 13th June 2020, Waning Cycle Begins: 14th June 2020, End of Waning Cycle: 20th June 2020.

This week we are celebrating Moonstone and Labradorite – the light and the dark sides of our being.

Labradorite  is used in Shamanic and healing practices as a crystal that helps to illuminate the darker supressed aspects of our being. Labradorite represents the Dark Moon Goddess, the unseen dark side of the moon where our fears, hurt and pain reside. When we ignore these parts of ourselves they take root in our souls and whether we are conscious of it or not, they impact on everything else.

We can never truly heal if we are not prepared to embrace the dark places within us that harbour our internal pain.

Rainbow Moonstone, which is in fact White Labradorite, is the bringer of light. Representing the Moon Goddess, this gentle and loving stone encourages to let go of negativity in order to attain our highest good.

It is no wonder, that these two crystals, The Dark Moon Goddess (Labradorite) and The Moon Goddess (Rainbow Moonstone), are a formidable combination when it comes to recognising the things holding us back and letting them go.

Interestingly, Thursday 29th and Friday 30th November, the moon is in its third quarter. This lunar phase is recognised by those who work with the moon cycles as a time of reflection. Saturday 1st we welcome the Waning Moon, a time for letting go.

After the intensity of the full moon, here we look forward to the beginning of a new cycle and with it, the opportunity to look within, redefine and release all the things that no longer serve us.

Could there be a more potent time to truly harness the power of these moon affiliated crystals? Probably not.

With this in mind, we have put together a ritual for you to make the most of this auspicious moon phase.

You will need:

A white, a black and a blue candle.

A piece of Labradorite.

A piece of Rainbow Moonstone.

A piece of paper and a pen.

A bowl of water.

To make the most of the lunar cycle, you should begin your ritual on the Third Quarter Moon (Thursday 29th/Friday 30th November).

If you don’t have one already, create a sacred space where you can hold your ritual. This needs to be somewhere you can relax and will not be disturbed.

Set your three candles on your altar or on a dedicated space in view where they can be left for the coming few days. Put the blue candle in the middle (representing the moon), the black candle to the left (representing The Dark Moon Goddess) and the white candle to the right (representing the Moon Goddess).

For the first part of your ritual, you will be working with Labradorite. Cleanse your crystal in water and sit with it in front of your candles.

Breathe deeply, settle your mind and let your body relax.

When you feel ready, light the black and the blue candle.

Hold the Labradorite in your hand and allow yourself to attune to the energy of the crystal. Let your mind drift and allow the crystal to guide you into your inner world. As Labradorite encourages you to acknowledge and face your hurt, pain and repressed emotions, try not to fight want comes to the surface. It may be things you’re expecting, but it could also be things you have hidden deep inside yourself.

Don’t rush this process.

Your job is to simply sit, be and allow.

Allow whatever needs to surface to rise up within you. It’s ok to cry. Crying is simply the flow of emotion from inside to out.

You cannot move forward when you are holding negativity within you. It will manifest in adverse behaviours and illness if it is not given the opportunity to be recognised, acknowledged and healed.  

Take as long as you need. When you feel ready, thank your crystal and The Dark Moon Goddess for your journey and extinguish both candles.

Make a note of all the things that came up for you and place this piece of paper, along with the Labradorite, next to the black candle.

The next part of your ritual should be done on The Waning Moon (Saturday 1st-5th December). Pick an evening during this time that feels right to you. You may find that you are processing a lot internally on the days that follow the first part of your ritual so allow yourself to be guided as to when is the most suitable time for you to begin the process of letting go.

Begin the ritual in the same way as before, except this time, light the blue and white candle and sit with your piece of Rainbow Moonstone.

Breathe deeply, relax your mind and body and allow yourself to attune to the bright and beautiful energy of your crystal.

You have done the work in acknowledging the parts of you that need healing and now you need to allow the Rainbow Moonstone to fill you with light and aid you in releasing all the negativity that has been holding you back.

Imagine a beautiful beam of cleansing white light, coming in through your crown chakra and washing through you. As the beam travels down, feel the healing energy clearing out all the pockets of darkness within you. You will start to feel lighter and empowered.

When you are feeling relaxed, take the piece of paper from the first part of the ritual and using the flame from your white candle, light the piece of paper. (Be careful and ensure you have a bowl of water to extinguish the flame from the paper to avoid fire).

As the paper catches repeat the following three times:

I release my pain from deep within.

A cycle of light can now begin.

Extinguish the flame from the paper.

As you do so, give thanks to the Moon Goddess, and to your crystal for aiding you in your process.

Extinguish both candles and place your piece of Rainbow Moonstone next to the white candle.

Leave the candles and the crystals in the same place until the end of the waning moon (5th December).

Cleanse your crystals before using them again in any other work.

This powerful ritual, magnified by the power of the lunar cycle will make you feel that a deep and heavy weight has been lifted from within you. And what better way to begin the December festivities than in an internal place of love and light?