New & Rare Crystals – Why Now?

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New & Rare Crystals – Why Now?

Over the last ten years we have noticed that many new and rare Crystals and Minerals are coming onto the market. Of course, much of this is driven by the resurgence in the interests of Crystals for healing which in turn was probably accelerated by the discovery of piezoelectricity.

Suddenly having something scientific to explain the energy in crystals was a bit of a game changer: It immediately made it a little more ‘real’ or ‘believable’ to the unconverted. It validated what the healers and sensitives had been saying for centuries.

The other incredible shift that has occurred was the number of authors writing about energy shifts – subtle energy and subjects like ‘The Secret’. Authors coming from all sorts of engineering and science careers and backgrounds writing and giving authenticity that validated things that the Shaman already knew.

The third shift that occurred was the Internet. No one could have imagined what a difference connecting to the World Wide Web would have on everyone. Information technology is now everywhere. In seconds you can connect to anyone anywhere. Anything you wish to know about you can search and look up. And that too is changing and evolving every day.

These three happenings brought about a new language.

It was inevitable and necessary, and like most huge leaps in humanities evolution, there are winners and losers.

From out of seemingly nowhere there are now not just rivers but oceans of new material to process. One can simply lose days, weeks just trawling the Internet. 

All of these things are responsible for the growing interest in new and rare crystals.

We want more tools, more combination crystals.

We want to fine tune our experience with crystals and minerals and push new boundaries.

It is no coincidence that we are finding more new and rare crystals at this moment in history. As humanity learns new things then the universe unfolds new secrets to us.

We are naturally inquisitive and creative, constantly looking for answers. Within the crystal and mineral kingdom there is so much we don’t yet understand. Every new crystal has a story and it takes time to understand that story.

We are in a constant state of change and so is our environment, our universe.

Nothing stays the same and maybe that is all part of the lesson.

There is no such thing as security. The only security we have is no security.

When we understand that we live fully in the moment.