Manifesting Your Dreams in 2019


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Manifesting Your Dreams in 2019

As we now step closer to 2019, now is a great time to start thinking about what you really want for the coming year. Check out our 7 steps for manifesting your dreams in 2019 if you need a little inspiration!

Manifesting Your Dreams in 20191) Be Clear On What You Want
Spend the run up to 2018 getting really focused on your intentions for the coming year. Being vague and unclear will not help the universe to conspire to help you. The clearer we can be with what we want to manifest, the easier the whole process will be.

Ensure you get to the real heart of what you want and try to avoid generalisations like ‘more money’. As an example, if you want to manifest more money in 2018, what is it you want to do with more money? Do you want more money so you can get a new car? A family holiday? Because if so, that is where your focus should be. You never know, a new car or a family holiday could come to you through a competition win and therefore focusing on the money is neither here nor there. In fact, in this sense, focusing on the money is choosing ‘how’ your desires will manifest to you. That is not your job. Be clear and focus on that which you want and leave the universe to figure out the ‘hows’!

2) Hold The Vision 
Be prepared to be in this for the longer haul. Depending on the scale of your dreams for the coming year, bear in mind we are operating on the earthly plane and sometimes, it can take a while for the universe to put in place the necessary path that will lead you to where we want to be.
Be patient and find ways to invest time in your desires. Whether its vision boards, journals or simply daily visualisation, the more you time you spend crafting the dream energetically, the more impetus you are providing for it to happen.

3) Be Grateful
All of us have some dreams or goals that we would like to bring forward in our lives but it is really important that we don’t focus on these things from a place of lack. We may see our lives as being enhanced if we achieve the things we want but we must still be entirely grateful as to where we are now and all the things that come along with that. If our thoughts, visions and actions emanate from a place of gratitude, they will be a whole lot more powerful!

4) Act! 
Thought may precede action but action, in whatever form that takes will be the vehicle in which your dreams will come to fruition. If you are being clear in your intentions and investing time in your vision from a place of gratitude then you will begin to notice things, situations, people and circumstances that will open up the pathway for you. Following the flow of this synchronicity will get you closer to where you want to be. Listen to your instinct and embrace the magical pull of the universe. If you get a hunch, act on it!

5) Expect The Best Outcome and Believe! 
As you are following the previous steps, ensure that you are always expecting the best. If you are doing all of the above but underneath it all you don’t actually believe your dreams will come true, then they won’t. You must believe that you are worthy of your desires and that however long it takes, they will come to you in perfect timing. Anything other than this will be sending out confusing signals to the universe and can cancel out the steps you are already making!
You may get thrown some obstacles here and there but don’t allow that to send you into a negative mindset. View obstacles as the universe testing your resolve! You will overcome them.

6) Pay Attention
The universe works in mysterious ways. On the path of manifestation, you must stay alert and pay attention to the signs that the universe is giving you. Don’t expect this to always be a giant neon sign that you can’t miss, as more often than not, this won’t be the case. The lyrics to a song, an overheard conversation, a chance meeting or even a delay or setback could be presenting itself as a sign to you that you will easily miss if you are not paying attention.

7) Be Open To Receive
This may be stating the obvious but it’s something that a lot of us can actually neglect to do! There is no set timescale for manifestation. It is dependent on the individual and the dream itself. Throughout your manifestation journey, be in a place energetically where you are ready and open to receive the abundance that you have being waiting for. It’s yours and it is coming.