Making The Most Of The New Moon – 9th September 2018

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Making The Most of The New Moon – 9th September 2018

On Sunday 9th September, the New Moon will rise in Virgo. New moons are a great time to really focus our intentions and wishes to enable the manifestation of these things in our lives. While New moons represent hopeful new beginnings and often positive change, the Virgo aspect reminds us that new beginnings don’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. The analytical and perfectionist side of Virgo asks us to look at what we have harvested – how can we work with what we have already got and make it better?

Virgo also reminds us to give serious consideration to our intentions this full moon – are they aligned with our personal integrity? Are they pure and allied with our values? Make sure you reflect on this when setting your intentions and wishes.

Writing down your wishes and desires gives them more weight. Compile a list in a journal or on paper, noting down the date. Make sure that you include smaller things such as lunch with a friend or getting tickets for a concert – smaller things that take less time to manifest will keep your list in motion. When something on your list comes to you, rather than just cross it off your list, rewrite the list, again dating it. This will allow you to stay focussed on the things you are still intending to manifest.

The new moon energy is most powerful during the 3 days leading up to the new moon and the 3 days that follow. Make the most of what Virgo offers during this time and consider the following activities:

  • Get your home in order – Virgos love order and what better time to start preparing your home for the Autumn season ahead. As life moves more inside, committing to clearing your space will make you feel more relaxed and focused.
  • Focus on self care through health and nutrition – After the long and glorious summer, rediscover healthy and comforting home cooked food. Get out and enjoy long Autumn walks in the countryside. You will feel great!
  • Create an earthy autumnal altar – Creating an altar representing the turning of the season and the September lunar cycle will really unable you to stay clear and focused on your new moon intentions. Use candles, crystals, flowers, leaves and any other items that reflect your desires.

Whatever you do, make the most of this magical period of renewal and manifestation!