January 31st – Super Blue Blood Full Moon!

Seasons, Moon Cycles and Celebrations

A very rare ‘Super Blue Blood Full Moon’ is arriving today. If the New Year Super Full Moon left you feeling a bit wobbly, brace yourself because this rare event promises to be even more powerful.

Today’s Super Full Moon will be the last in a trilogy of supermoons over the last two months. They have been building in impetus and today, we should be lucky enough to feel the crescendo. The supermoon earlier in January marked a significant shift from the stagnation of 2017. Enforced also by the fact that on January 2nd and through to 8th March, all 5 major planets are in direct motion, allowing the maximum free flow of dynamic energy. This is definitely a time for moving forward, something that most of us will have felt a struggle to do throughout 2017. We should all feel a dramatic shift today, one that frees us of the shackles from the last year or so where we can finally see a clearer road ahead. Now is the time to embrace action. Everything is stacked in our favour to make real headway if we harness the energy of the planets and this moon. Be prepared for rapid movement and clarity.

If you are feeling a little unbalanced or on edge, don’t worry, this moon is particularly strong. It will soon pass and you will be entering into the beginning of something truly wonderful. In the sign of Leo, this moon is calling for us to step up and embrace our inner lion. If we can fully engage the energy of this celestial event with courage, bravery and a strong heart, we will be setting the stage for a truly great 2018.