Astrology This Week – 21st June 2019

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Astrology This Week – 21st June 2019

The lunar period this week could have been a pretty intense time for many of us due to the planetary aspects either side of it (Full Moon Report). It’s likely that you could still be feeling the comedown!

With the Sun now in Cancer until 22nd July, you will find your self turning inwards to your nearest and dearest. This is a time for home and family life and caring for those close to us. With the moon ruling Cancer, expect yourself to be more aware of lunar fluctuations than normal. The coming weeks could be filled with emotion as Cancerian energy is present in other areas also, not just the sun!

Mercury is Cancer so we will find ourselves more concerned with things that affect us personally rather than the bigger picture. When it comes to communication, it will all be about speaking and listening on a deeper, more intuitive level. Trivial and throwaway conversations and information hold little interest at the moment.

Mars is also in Cancer until 1st July so expect mood swings, defensiveness and a lack of directness when it comes to our goals.

Venus is in Gemini until 3rd July and this brings a nice polarity to the heady and emotional Cancerian aspects, particularly in our relationships. Variety and newness is of interest to us. We could be feeling sociable and playful but at the same time, emotionally detached. With all the emotion running through many of the other areas of our lives right now, this could be very welcome!

We are now in the final days of the eclipse period that started back on January 5th. Whatever commenced back then will be reaching a time of closure with the solar eclipse of July 2nd. What have you learnt? What has worked? In many ways, this can be seen as a second beginning for 2019 so spend the next couple of weeks reviewing and preparing for the second half of the year