Full Moon Report – 17th June 2019

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Full Moon Report – 17th June 2019

This coming full moon on 17th June 2019 falls in Sagittarius decan 3 which points to the sting in the tail of Scorpion energy – negativity, unkindness and sadness in love.

But fear not! There are planetary aspects at play here that will be far more influential than the moons placing at this time. Namely, Jupiter square Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune.

The full moon will encapsulate both of these aspects (one happening the day before and the other happening the day after the full moon respectively), and some would say these are the most important aspects of 2019.

With Jupiter square Neptune, you could find your self-belief and resolve questioned so be careful who and what you listen to. Avoid being overly trusting and optimistic – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so keep your risk to a minimum.

That said, this energy is balanced perfectly by the Saturn sextile Neptune aspect which delivers a healthy dose of realism and self-discipline that could counteract any negative issues associated with Jupiter square Neptune.

There are also other planetary aspects that will be working in your favour to deliver empathy, creativity, imagination and even good fortune!

This particular full moon will be felt as the most important so far this year as it is the last one of the eclipse cycle that started back on January 5th – reflect back on what was started here and prepare to close the cycle as we approach the solar eclipse on July 2nd.

With all this in mind, this full moon could be a very powerful one indeed.

The planetary aspects will test you but give you the determinism and wisdom to charge forward and get all those things in order that have been at play in the last six months.

This is your chance to come full circle, complete and regroup and more importantly, welcome in a bright and shiny new cycle.

Now is the time to reflect on what you have learnt and integrate it so that you can face the second half of 2019 stronger and reinvigorated. You’ve got this…