Full Moon Report – 18th May 2019

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Full Moon Report – 18th May 2019

The coming full moon on the 18th May 2019 is in Scorpio. As always, the full moon time marks a period of culminations, endings, closure and revelations. In the deeply intense sign of Scorpio, this becomes increasingly powerful and often a time when secrets are exposed.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Pluto means power. On April 22nd, Pluto went retrograde. When a planet goes retrograde, we tend to look inward, reflecting on the issues associated with the planet in question.

With the power of Scorpio and Pluto combined, this full moon has the potential to be a deeply transformative time for those willing to go deep and get to the heart of the matter.

Intense, powerful and intuitive Scorpio can help you unearth and release long suppressed emotions that have manifested in destructive patterns in your life – perhaps in the areas of power and control associated with Pluto.

This is a time for self-understanding and acceptance at the very deepest levels.

The moon is in the constellation of Lupus the Wolf so stay aware of some potentially aggressive aspects that could surface around now. We may find ourselves lacking empathy and being self-centred which could lead to disagreements and prejudice.

At such a deeply reflective time, it would be a shame to resort to the sting in the tail aspect of Scorpio as opposed to the option of transformation and growth being offered to us.

During this full moon, bring your full awareness to the emotions and issues rising to the surface. Allow the lunar energy to guide you into new realms of understanding, shifting your frequency higher.