Full Moon Report – 22nd December 2018

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Full Moon Report – 22nd December 2018

The December full moon falls on December 22nd in Cancer. And at last, we can bring some good news! The last two full moons have been considerably fraught with the Square Mars position. Tempers have been flared, miscommunication has been rife and many of us have felt unsettled and uncomfortable in our relationships with others.

This time round, thankfully, we can welcome in a very gentle, compassionate and loving full moon thanks to the Moon Sextile Uranus and Venus Trine Neptune influences.

This is a particularly rewarding period for those in positions of care for others. You will feel like lavishing your love and nurturing on all those around you without a glimmer of the martyr syndrome that can often accompany the full moon.

You could feel new starts in regard to your relationships. Tender compassion will dominate. Letting go and finding resolve to issues that have burdened you over the last couple of months will come easy and feel natural. This is not a time of wild passion, but of gentle loving care and deep spiritual connection. You are likely to feel great emotional strength, and this will allow you to overcome disharmony with empathy and love.

The December full moon also joins the supergiant red star Betelgeuse in Orion, associated with great power, honour and wealth. Expect the unexpected and be open to new opportunities that present themselves, particularly in relation to your career and finances. New people and new situations will offer pleasant surprises so be open to all that could be coming your way.

Enjoy this wonderful lunar time as it promises to deliver the perfect balance of harmony, love and surprise. What a wonderful way to kick off the Christmas weekend!