Full Moon Report – 21st March 2019

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Full Moon Report – 21st March 2019

The full moon on 21st March 2019 in Libra is the first of two full moons in this sign, the next coming in April. So what does that mean?

Well, with airy Libra having a focus on relationships, it signifies two chances in the coming months, particularly if you are moving on, mending or making better an existing relationship.

This full moon will be a great one for either falling in love or mending and existing relationship thanks to the Venus sextile Jupiter aspect. Use this time to ease tensions with love and affection.

Relationships will very much be the focus here. Spend time becoming clear in where you are and where you want to be with your personal relationships.

If the last few months have seen you struggling in letting go or moving on from the past, harness the power of the full moon to give you the strength to finally cut the ties and move forward.

Equally, if you have been struggling with an existing relationship, this could be a time of harmonious reconciliation.

You could experience some unexpected opportunities or come up against a new eccentric or unusual person. Whilst both situations and people could be a source of instant attraction, weigh your options carefully. A tendency to act impulsively because of the Moon quincunx Uranus aspect to this full moon could lead to tensions if things are not thought through.

Over all, this full moon will show a readiness to change or move forward positively with existing situations, particularly with regard to relationships. Challenges can become opportunities for growth, expansion and greater love; whether that be with another or with yourself! Enjoy!