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Holding space or holding energy is a term often used in healing but not always fully understood – it has an incredibly profound and crucial meaning. When you hold space for someone you are required to hold an energetic space for another person while you are fully present. By holding space you are providing a safe energetic environment for them whilst they spiritually, physically or mentally journey through their experience. The optimal word here is ‘their’ experience.

Holding space means unconditionally without judgement, without preconceived outcome and without taking over or stealing their experience.

There are different types of holding space. On a daily basis we probably hold space for our friends and family constantly in some smaller or lesser degree. Then there is holding space for births, deaths and marriages. There is holding space for group activities like a mediumship circle, yoga or meditation group etc.

When my daughter went into labour at twenty four weeks I went with her to the hospital.  My daughter was given drugs to prolong the labour and gave birth four days later to a baby boy at twenty five weeks exactly. Those four days we cried, we talked but most of the time we sat through four days of contractions holding space for baby.

Once in the world baby was whisked away to icu and spent the next eleven months there on ventilation. We held space for him through many ups and downs with one of us constantly at his side day and night. On the ward, Paediatrician’s and nurses came and went doing their job, cleaners cluttered around and visitors came and went. All the while we stayed beside him keeping him calm and letting him know we loved him and he was safe.

This was an exceptional case and hopefully one that doesn’t happen too often in one’s lifetime but here’s the thing; going into a situation you never know how long you may be required to hold space.

We all are required to hold space at some point in our lives for people we care about. It is what makes us human. And, while another is going through their journey many times we are going through our own journey related to their journey. What we learn is that sometimes life requires us to put someone else’s needs first and we have to let go and surrender to the experience without inner dialogue. Even listening to someone release energy verbally is holding energy and does not require an answer or opinion. Sometimes in these cases a little time and a hug is all they actually require from you.

Holding space for a Crystal Healing

The concept of holding energy or a clear space within a crystal healing can be a little confusing. You do not actually hold energy as in a bucket of energy. What we do is support the work of the healer by being present. If the intent is to hold a clear space, then what is required is to focus ones energy on a crystal clear space. That is it plain and simple. Focus ones energy on an energetically clear space because the healer will facilitate the healing. However If the intent is holding the energy for the healer to amplify their energy or give your energy to the healer to use then one needs to focus your intention on supporting and giving unconditional love to the healer.

This is how we do it: To hold energy for another healer first we must clear our thoughts and ground ourselves. Focus on your feet, keep them well rooted to the ground and make sure your earth star is engaged and its magnetic pull stabilises you. Feel a sense of alignment within your chakras, allow your posture to be open and hands turn upwards towards source.  Feel a connection to source. Visualise a flow of energy running through you and radiating from you.

You are now at a point of peace and stillness. This purity is fully present and you can hold the energy of a healing or a clear space by just being. Nothing else is required of you other than being present but by being present, it supports the healer and client and makes space for the healing to take place. This is a beautiful way to share unconditional love with another. You would do the same for simply creating a clear space. The aim is to maintain this space throughout the experience.

The goal is not to push or force energy towards anyone, It is not to  judge or fix a person, place or thing. Your own ego and inner dialogue has no place here. The space is unique to each person and every healing is different.

If you suffer a break in concentration and become no longer fully present then adjust your stance, roll your shoulders back and forth and breathe deep. Realign your chakras, check your earth star, exhale and connect to source. Sometimes a simple mantra helps:

May I hold – this space clear,

Fully present – for those here.

The mantra needs to be very simple because if you lose concentration on something simple you will know that you need to pay attention as the space is actually not clear. At these times you will need to focus.

I have found that holding energy for another is one of the most rewarding experiences. I have witnessed great healings and many tears, empathy, compassion and rejoicing. It is a great gift to view a profound and life changing experience of another on their journey to becoming whole or moving forward. It truly is fascinating work.