Healing with Rose Quartz

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Healing with Rose Quartz

This week we have been shining the spotlight on Rose Quartz. This weeks crystal was chosen by our Michelle for its beautiful qualities. With children returning to school on Monday and things slowly beginning to turn around it is the ideal time to give yourselves a big dose of self-love.

From a healing perspective Rose Quartz helps you stay in the moment. By being present you can allow all the things you are experiencing to flow through you. Rose Quartz subtly reminds us that the things happening around us are not happening too us. This is so relevant right now amongst so much global chaos it is comforting to be reminded to breathe and take care of mindfulness. When in a state of balance we should neither strive to control or pursue chaos and drama. Nor should we resist, counter or struggle with it. Thus, steadily moving forward toward better things.

Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal for use in healing. It is the one to turn to when working with children, adolescents and new mums. It is a gentle crystal that’s energy is almost hypnotic and simply by holding it can reduce stress.

My daughter and I used Rose Quartz when my grandson was born very premature and we were allowed to place it close to him in hospital.

Many adults are naturally drawn to Rose Quartz intrigued by it’s amazing natural colour caused by trace amounts of iron, titanium, or manganese. Many believe Rose Quartz attracts love due to the colour being pink however, although there may be an element of truth in this it is more likely to be that it promotes self-love. Being kind to yourself and loving yourself a little bit more will naturally lead to harmony, balance and attraction.

Rose Quartz is one of our foremost crystals not only is it perfect for wearing as jewellery but it is also used by therapists and home decor.

A wave of new interest in natural crystals is resulting in men, women and children being attracted to Rose Quartz and crystal therapy. More and more we see the divine masculine exploring the enchanting, calming, feminine energy of this adorable pink quartz.

Animal healers or whisperers use Rose Quartz to reduce stress and anxiety. Place a piece in your pets bed or attach to their collar. Horses respond particularly well to having a piece around their neck to reduce stress.

You can use Rose Quartz in all the ways you would use Amethyst for healing only the intention shifts. For Amethyst amongst other things, we are working on the third eye chakra point and many use it specifically for this and psychic development. Rose quartz works beautifully with the heart chakra and lower energies facilitating work on the emotions.

So, you can hold it, sleep with it, meditate with it and of course wear it in beautiful jewellery. If working on self-love, self-awareness, confidence or learning to flow, try the Sacred Egg ritual as described in length in my blog Healing with Amethyst. Remember to change your intention and your candle colour to pink. Rose Quartz also can be used in an elixir to make energy-infused water. I would recommend the use of tumbled stones for this purpose.

Rose Quartz healing technique for de-stressing.

Another way to use Rose Quartz is in the practice of the art in “letting go”. This technique is very simple and can be done at any time when things start to overwhelm you.

For this experience, I recommend a Rose Quartz obelisk or point. It will be used for focus and so a cut bottomed piece will be much better to stand upright. A Rose Quartz pyramid would also work. I love to use candles when healing. A pink solid colour candle would be my preferred choice but white would work equally as well. I always light candles to bring in the light. Energy is attracted to the light of a candle and when lit with intention I believe our angels and guide step closer.

Find yourself a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Turn your mobile off and if possible seat yourself in a comfortable position somewhere safe, cosy and warm.

Lite your candle or candles and place your intention upon them. To do this, with your forefingers stroke down each candle three times reciting your intention. For example, in your head or out loud say “May balance, harmony and calm radiate from me and all around me”. Or maybe you are wanting peace of mind to help with sleeping issues. Then you would say something like, “May thoughts flow through me and my mind be still”. Many will anoint the candles with essential oil as they place their intention on them. The essential oil must match the intention so lavender, valerian, chamomile, jasmine, and ylang-ylang are really good to calm and ease anxiety. If you would like to use the magical properties of the essential oil I recommend this book by Scott Cunningham called

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews (Llewellyn’s Practical Magick)

Hold your Rose Quartz point in your hands and start to relax. Take three deep breathes filling your lungs before exhaling. Close your eyes and allow your body to loosen. Try to stop ‘holding’ and ‘controlling your body and it’s reactions and let go. Let your jaw unclench and drop and your muscles relax.

Gently stroke your crystal getting to know the feel of it. The size, the length, the weight and how it sits in your hands. Explore any little scratches you can feel or blemishes. Get to know your crystal. The crystal will quickly become warm and soon become part of your emotional body.

Start to squeeze your crystal. Gently tighten your grip and press into your quartz. Rub your fingers over the crystal as you squeeze into it in slow rhythmic movements. Take your time remembering to continue to breathe with the intention of restoring all peace, calm and harmony within. When you feel you are ready place the crystal in front of you about an arm’s length away.

Place your hands in your lap and with your eyes still closed, allow your mind to wander neither resisting nor chasing after any one single thought.

This is your time to meditate, release, let go and begin your healing.

You have now started this simple act or mini ritual which will continue to work busily away while you rest your body and mind.

Sit in this meditative state for as long as is comfortable. When you are conscious of the physical world your first healing experience is over. Allow yourself time to be fully present and remember to drink lots of water. Finish with a simple gratitude prayer. Thank the universe and the crystal for the healing. Blow out your candles or place them somewhere safe to continue to burn out.

I would like to share with you the magic in this healing technique.

First, you have set your intention. In doing so already you have begun the process of “letting go”. Secondly, you programmed the crystal by holding and admiring it with your energy. Thirdly, you have initiated the release of the energy of the crystal by squeezing it. The finale part was to place the crystal about an arm’s length away from your physical body.

Unseen by you, your crystal has taken your aura and pulled it outwards away from your body. The connection between the subtle piezoelectricity in your DNA strands and the piezoelectric in the quartz once released have become entwined. Now the quartz can tease your energy field to grow and move outwards away from your body. Imagine your energy field is like tiny fairy strands of glowing light constantly pulsating around your body. These strands around the body change colour – usually green around the heart – purples around the eyes and back of the head – white and feathery around the crown of the head.

During times of anxiety and emotional stress, these beautiful strands of our energy field can get wrapped up in knots held tight around the body. Think of it like this. The more stress the tighter the knots until the weight of this tangled aura becomes heavily weighed down and can feel suffocating. The colour of the aura changes in relation to the tightness of the knots. The tighter the knots in the aura the darker, heavier colour of the aura.

Sitting quietly with your crystal for even short periods will have a positive effect. As your aura begins to open up and light can illuminate you, you will feel naturally better. The colour of your aura will become lighter and clearer and your moods will also feel less heavy and more stable.

Try to find the time and space each day to practice this technique even if it’s only for a few minutes. The benefits will surprise you. When light can permeate your aura there is a sense of freedom. A new reality where you don’t have to feel tied up in knots and helpless to what is happening around you. You can choose to disengage with the drama and chaos of life, although still aware of what is occurring around you. You can breathe and let it go.

Enjoy this experience and mini ritual, find your own way of working with Rose Quartz.

Who would think a pink crystal could make you feel so calm and full of harmony!

Bright Blessings Marianna xxx