Full Moon Report – Sunday 26th August 2018

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Full Moon Report – Sunday 26th August 2018

Picture the scene:

It’s ok, you don’t need to hold your breath anymore.

The noise has stopped.

You step out of your house into the warm sunlight and survey the storm’s damage. For a moment back then, you wondered if you would survive, could you really in the chaos you found yourself in?

But at last you can breathe. You feel lighter.

Don’t be at all surprised if this is how you are feeling during the Full Moon in Pisces on Sunday 26th August. The last few months have been one hell of a ride! With 3 consecutive eclipses, the numerous retrogrades and restarts, we are now more than ready to embrace the gentle, watery tides of this Pisces full moon.

Ruler of our subconscious, the ultimate healer Pisces is likely to bring awakenings in this moon phase. You will find yourself with more clarity, calm and insight than the months preceding. Now is the time that you can finally see what’s been lurking beneath the fear you’ve been holding onto in recent tough times.

This will be a time of illumination, a time to breathe and be.

In this new and needed tranquil space, aided by the sun in Virgo, you will be able to apply logic and a cool head to the last few turbulent months – things will fall into place, the last loose ends will be tied and released. Ahhh, feels great right?

We also have some very earthy aspects this full moon which will offer us the improved security and stability that have been severely lacking in our lives.

There is a grand trine in earth which means that three planets, all in astrological earth signs, are aligning to form a supportive and harmonious equilateral triangle.

For the first time in what seems quite a while, our transitions will feel smooth and without obstacle.

Lap it all up and embrace the warm fuzziness that will envelop you this lunar weekend. The respite is much deserved!