Full Moon Report – July 2018

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Full Moon Report – July 2018

The Full Moon on Friday July 27th is a full lunar eclipse in Aquarius.

A full lunar eclipse will accentuate the emotions associated with a standard full moon and is often a time where emotions of the last six months can become cleared and reset. Don’t be surprised if you experience a clearing whereby things that you thought had passed from recent months, resurface to be cleared once and for all!

This month’s moon has a strong influence of Mars which could bring mixed and misunderstood emotions that quickly turn into anger or frustration. Try and stay present with your emotions and if you feel this rising in you, channel this into the physical body – physical activity will help you to release these feelings. Luckily, there is also a gentle influence from Saturn which will mean that despite potentially heightened emotions, we should find it easier to calm down quicker!

Interestingly, this full moon sits in Aquarius at 4° and 44 minutes. Numerologically, 444 can represent a seeing/knowing/feeling of interconnectedness. You could find that you experience a powerful shift in consciousness or indeed, forge new connections with important members of your soul tribe. Remain aware of synchronistic meetings or new people entering your world, these could signify extremely important encounters on your life’s path.

Crystal Tip!

Try carrying Amethyst and Rose Quartz crystals together to calm anger and ease frustration! (Click here to explore crystals and their healing properties!)