Full Moon Report – 29th April 2018

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Full Moon Report – 29th April 2018

The full ‘pink’ moon of April 29th 2018 occurs in Scorpio with the sun in Taurus. This will represent a balancing of polarities; water/earth, emotions/values. Interestingly, it also occurs during Beltane which is powerful vehicle for transformation.

You will be called to address the areas in your life which require balance. Is your relationship in true alignment with your inner feelings and life principles or are they at odds causing you issues? Ask yourself the same questions in relation to your work and family life. This is a time to really bring attention to your underlying dis-ease and contemplate the ways in which balance can be restored.

You may not even be fully aware of why things are not sitting right, but the chances are high that the reason will reside in a lack of balance. Interestingly, this full moon also has a trine aspect with Neptune in Pisces. With the planet of dreams and the inner world in its home sign of the dreamy, ethereal Pisces, you may find yourself questioning the alignment between your inner and outer worlds. Either way, balance will be at the heart of much this full moon so aim to stay centred while you navigate this period and embrace the opportunity to bring equilibrium to all aspects of your life.

Scorpio represents the archetypal energy of death and rebirth and coupled with the Beltane energy (or Samhain energy if you reside in the Southern Hemisphere), this full moon will offer a potent opportunity for you to transmute existing energies and give rise to new situations/relationships/partnerships that could transform your life going forward. Furthermore, Saturn is particularly pronounced astrologically and with this comes the gifts of preparation, determination and success. If something has not been working for you, you will find the inner courage and strength to change it and the determination to see it through. Remember, fortune favours the brave and there is certainly a lot of planetary energy supporting transformative action right now.

Our emotions become heightened during the full moon and our intuition can become more pronounced. Listen carefully to your inner voice and stay alert to the synchronicities that may come your way. Things happening around this full moon and the two weeks leading up to the new moon on May 15th will be blessed by the gifts of Saturn, standing a strong chance of bearing the fruits of triumph and celebration in the coming months.

Stay grounded, seek balance and enjoy all of what is coming.