Full Moon Report – 24th October 2018

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Full Moon Report – October 24th 2018

The full moon in Taurus on October 24th 2018 will bring our intimate relationships very much under the spotlight.

Coupled with the Venus retrograde that commenced on the 5th October, we could be in line for both change and excitement, risk and uncertainty.

What will it be for you?

The Taurean aspect to this full moon will alight an almost urgent interest in our sensual wants and desires. Other astrological positions point to an increased, almost desperate need for love and affection, which could lead to impulsive and perhaps, ill-considered reactions.

If you are single, you may find yourself presented with exciting or surprising opportunities regarding love. Whilst this might seem great on the surface, it’s likely that these chances could be unstable and short lived.

Exercise caution before throwing yourself into something new as you may later regret it.

The Venus retrograde is still in its first three weeks which tend to be the time for dramatic change and clearing. If your existing love life is not truly inline with your highest good, it’s likely you will already be experiencing some difficult times with your partner; the full moon could compound this further.

Whilst these tensions may arise, you will also be blessed with more patience and emotional strength which will make handling sensitive issues much easier.

Love as you can see is very much on the agenda for the coming full moon.

Taking the time to love and nourish yourself during this time is as, if not more important than your relationships.

Step back, observe and be aware of the full moon and Venus energies around you. Your awareness will assist you in bringing empathy and compassion to your relating.

On the 31st October, the Venus retrograde will enter Libra and this will bring much needed balance and reflection; an opportunity to take stock and fully embrace the changes we have been experiencing.