Full Moon Report – 23rd November 2018

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Full Moon Report – 23rd November 2018

On Friday 23rd November, 5.39am (GMT) is the November full moon in Gemini.

The Gemini aspect will bring with it a sense of fluidity of self. This is a time for new things, new people and new identities. You may find yourself being drawn to the fresh and exciting in any number of ways. This will encourage you to explore other parts of your being. But, you could also find yourself unable to be in any one place for too long.

Perhaps more prominent will be the heavy and uncomfortable planetary aspects surrounding this full moon that could give rise to buried bitterness and anger. The full moon is square with Mars and this is being amplified by Jupiter so for the next two weeks, we need to be mindful of our tempers.

Whilst we may be feeling surges of feeling confident and energetic due to the Jupiter Square Mars aspect, we can also be thoughtless and insensitive. The combination of all these things could potentially lead to heated exchanges and an inability to really listen to those around us; all of whom will most likely be feeling exactly the same as we are!

The key here is finding the trade-off between expression and suppression. Suppressing anger does not do anything to help us but neither does firing off without due consideration and tact. Being aware of why these things are surfacing will help you to channel your emotions in more productive ways. Try and avoid direct confrontation and put your energies into something physical or creative rather than directing it at someone else; the end result is unlikely to help anyone involved.

Be sure to make create some YOU time. Spending time simply doing what you love is the perfect antidote for most things. It is sure to help if you find yourself getting caught up the heady full moon energy this week.

As with everything, this too shall pass.