Full Blue Moon Report – 31st March 2018

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Full Blue Moon Report – 31st March 2018

This Saturday a magnificent bright Blue Full Moon will be gracing our skies. So what could it mean for you?

A blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month and is a fairly rare occurrence. Having had a full moon back on the 2nd March, this coming one will be the second in the month which classes it as A Blue Moon. In Fact, it will be the last one we see until Halloween 2020.

A Blue Moon is considered a symbol of luck, a sign of good fortune and a time to be reborn into all the truly positive aspects of our lives.

The few days leading up to the Blue Full Moon will be a time of attracting positive breakthroughs in all facets of your life, with relative ease. Things should be flowing and falling into place without much effort – finally, you are moving in the direction of the tide.

The few days after the full moon is a time for negative situations, emotions and behaviours to drop away. It’s a time to let go, forgive and release. Things that may have felt difficult to shift or resolve should just fall away and you could quite literally feel reborn and revived as you step out into spring. What a wonderful feeling.

So as you can see, the effects of the Blue Moon should last around a week and it is set to be a delightful time for us all. This Full Blue Moon is a time to balance the scales of your life and breathe in luck, good fortune and happiness. Stay focused on the good and watch it multiply.

Wahoo! Enjoy It!