Flow Dreaming With Blue Lace Agate

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Flow Dreaming with Blue Lace Agate

Flow-dreaming sounds so romantic, serene and wonderful. Just saying the word takes you away to a luxurious spa whilst partaking in a beautiful, sound bath; or paddling along a sun-kissed beach far away on a desert island. It sounds easy – Flow, flowing, moving effortlessly, continual movement, unrestricted freedom.

Flow-dreaming is similar to daydreaming but not as intentional as meditating. It captures a more spontaneous approach to relaxing, wishing, wanting, visualising or cosmic ordering.

One question often asked about Flow-dreaming is – is it the same as

Daydreaming? Essentially yes, it is, and it’s something everyone knows how to do. With a bit of practice, one can – slip into the flow – at any time.

Flow-dreaming can be a powerful tool for re-setting or re-evaluating a situation or emotionally charged state of being. The truly remarkable thing about it is you already know how to do it. It would help if you first got the gremlins out of your head, the ones who told you daydreaming was a bad thing to do.

Daydreaming is a beautiful state of being and full of optimism, calmness and nourishment. It produces a positively charged energetic state that’s full of ideas, potential and possibilities. Of course, there is a time when it is not a good idea to daydream when it can be harmful not to be present. But we are not talking about ‘those times, are we?

Children daydream instinctively. Children can slip out of one consciousness and into another at will, anytime. If things get too hard or they don’t want to be somewhere, they are off in an instant; Staring into space with a calm presence about them and smiling. Babies do it a lot, and it’s believed that they are still so connected to the spirit world that they look for encouragement or sustenance from the spirit world as they are transitioning.

Well, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to do that as a grown-up?

Here’s the thing! You can!

Holding or wearing Blue Lace Agate stimulates an altered state of brain waves like the Theta state. Hold your Blue Lace Agate and allow yourself – permit yourself, to drift off. This gentle yet simple self-healing technique unlocks the door to powerful healing and a connection to the divine through your very own thoughts. When in the daydreaming flow state of being, you know you are there because it feels wonderful; you feel amazing – you are floating in a world of possibilities, and when you return to your everyday reality, you feel invincible.

Holding your Blue Lace Agate and centring yourself just for a moment or two, you begin to feel freer. Take a few deep breaths and on the outward breath, feel your lungs push out the toxins from your body. Feel the blue Lace Agate in your hand. Feel the colour blue flush through you and around you.

After a few minutes, you will feel the beat of the vibration of the Blue Lace Agate. It is slow, solid and steady.

Gradually you will feel your emotions shift and begin to relax. You will start to drift away into a dreamy state of ease. You will stop resisting and begin to flow. When you start to flow, your breathing changes and you become full of light. You stop fighting and pushing and allow yourself to flow in the direction of your highest good. It is not always logical flowing for your highest good, but it is the way of your spirit.

I like to drift off with the image in my head of a little boat made from a dry leaf with a little stick through a triangle of paper for a sail. I place the little boat in a stream that is full of rocks and twigs. The water is fast-flowing and ice cold. The little boat sails downstream, bouncing and bubbling up and down. It gets stuck in little rock pools and twirls, and then a gush of water swells it up and over, and it continues its journey. It floats under bridges and dangling branches of willow trees. Along the way, it loses its sail, and its stick and the leaf unfurls and flattens out. Now it’s nimble and streamlined. It picks up speed and ducks and dives as the stronger currant sweeps it along. It cascades over a waterfall and is swept around the rocks until eventually it washes up on a sandy bank where it lays in the sunshine. Clean, clear and free.

Use this simple Flow-dreaming idea with your Blue Lace Agate; or make up a little daydream of your own to start you off. Blue Lace Agate and a few minutes to daydream is a perfect combination and something anyone can ‘t and feel the benefit of.

Don’t fight the current of the water. Just allow it to take you anywhere it wants. When you stop resisting the natural flow of things and release your will into the divine will, you can be guided back into a natural state of balance in your life. It’s never too late or impossible to achieve. It begins when you let go and start manifesting in your life what it is that you truly need to lead the life you were born to live.

Bright, beautiful Blessings, Marianna 🙏❤️