Embrace Your Darker Side

Samhain will shortly be upon us, the nights are drawing in, the clocks will change and we once again return to the dark side of the year.

Something we have noticed this year is how many of our lovely customers have spoken about the shadow side of their personality.

It appears there is another cycle of the awakening into the dark Goddess energy.

Some are fearful and full of in-trepidation whilst others are embracing it.

My advice is relax and approach the transformation with fun and laughter in your heart. Dress up, find your Alter ego and explore the potential of standing in your own power.

We did this as children so easily, why is it so hard once we’ve grown?

Winter will be with us before we know it. Lite your fires and jump your broomsticks.

Make time for those you love and use this time to be creative, go deep within and search for your passions.

I’m so glad we have seasons in our country and the turning of the wheel of the year. How else would we explore the many facets of our being?