Dowsing – An Introduction

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Dowsing – An Introduction

This week we have introduced you to a collection of crystal pendulums. Whilst pendulums have many uses, our customers largely use them for dowsing. If you are new to dowsing, here’s an overview of what it’s all about!

What is dowsing?

Essentially, dowsing can be described as an inward search for answers and information.

By using a tool such as a pendulum, you can seek answers to those questions that cannot be answered rationally.

In fact, experienced dowsers do not need ‘a tool’ to dowse. Why? Because It is believed that the motion of the tool within the dowsing process is an amplified reaction of your body to the question you ask. Becoming attuned to the bodies responses through practice could reveal the answers without a tool being needed.

The tool used in dowsing is not magical. Consider it a search engine. You enter a dowsing state (get online), and use your tool (the search engine) to gain access to the information you need (the Akashic Records, Holographic Universe, The Field – whatever you consider to be the all-knowing ‘space’ of information).

What is the dowsing state?

The dowsing state is an altered brain state that allows the information to come through to you. In tests, the brain waves of a dowser when dowsing are unique. It is a state of detachment, calm, clarity and focus – these things being unlike the other states of sleep, meditation or rest. Consider it a state of focused intuition.

Why is the dowsing state important?

Simply, it is about accuracy. Earlier we used the analogy of the dowsing state being ‘getting online’. This is vital if you are to access the information you require. If dowsing is a way of reading subtle body responses, then we must be in the correct space in order to read these responses.

How do I reach the dowsing state?

To begin with, place yourself away from noise and distractions. You can use meditation or breathing techniques to become relaxed, calm and detached. You must let go of any emotional attachment to the answers you seek. When you are ready, begin to focus on the question you are asking and keep your intention there before you begin to dowse.

Reaching the dowsing state is a skill that requires practice. As you become more attuned to it, you will reach it easier and distractions will not be prohibitive to you getting there.

What questions do I ask?

Simple dowsing is best used on questions that require a yes or no answer.

When you become confident in answering questions this way, you can start to delve deeper using things such as scales, charts, maps or diagrams to get more detailed information surrounding the question you are asking.

If you are new to dowsing, why not try asking questions that you know the answer to. This will help you become used to the tool you are using and how your body is reacting.

Why not check out our selection of beautiful crystal pendulums and give dowsing a go!