Crystal Magic To Mend A Broken Heart

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Crystal Magic to Mend a Broken Heart by Michelle Sheldrake

This week we have been exploring different crystals to heal broken hearts. To go along with this, I felt it would be good to share this little piece of crystal magic with you.

It is simple and yet powerful.

For this magic you will need to choose one crystal. Pick the one that really calls to you, it must connect to you on such a deep level that it understands the emotional vibration that you’re experiencing right now.

Set yourself in your sacred space, where you will not be disturbed.

Hold your chosen crystal and breathe deeply. As you do this try to connect to the energy you are holding within your body. For some like myself this energy will pour out, tears, tantrums, anger but for others it will be hard and numb.

Once you have connected to this energy, and this is the hard bit – you must release it.

Now don’t recoil. Letting go does not mean forgetting or forgiving, it means letting the negative energy go from your heart.

I truly believe that a person can die from a broken heart. The heart becomes heavy, painfully consumed and can no longer skip a beat with happiness. The energy becomes an entity and must go to allow you to heal.

Let your negative heart energy release into your chosen crystal. The crystal is a gift from Mother Earth and she is loving and abundant with her gifts.

Take your time with this. When you have finished, put the crystal into a small bowl of water. The Chalice Well water is perfect but salt water is also excellent.

Now, take the bowl and put it in the freezer.  You have now contained the negative energy. As the ice crystals form around your chosen crystal they are listening and soothing; bringing you peace.

You can leave the crystal frozen for a few days or even a week, but it must be released. Take the frozen bowl to a stream, river or beach and release the frozen crystal into the water.

I went to a beach at sunset and tipped out my slightly frozen bowl at the shore and allowed the salty waves to wash over my crystal. As it did I said this little mantra: (You can write your own or use this one)

Take my tears and carry them away

Give me strength and make me brave

Time and tide release my pain

Bring me joy and happiness again.

Don’t be tempted to pick up your crystal and take it home, it has worked hard for you and should be returned to Mother Earth for her blessing.

Allow the healing to begin and in time your broken heart will mend. It will be stronger than ever. Your heart will one again jump with joy and skip a beat with happiness.