Crystal Healing – Holding The Energy & A Clear Space

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The concept of holding energy or a clear space within a crystal healing can be a little confusing. You do not actually hold energy as in a bucket of energy. What I do is support the work of the healer by being present. If the intent is to hold a clear space then I focus my energy on a crystal clear space and if the intent is holding the energy then I focus my intent in a positive, supportive and loving way towards the healer.

When I hold energy for another healer, I must first clear my thoughts and ground myself. I focus on my feet, well rooted to the ground my earth star is engaged and its magnetic pull stabilises me. I feel a sense of alignment of my chakras, my posture is open and my hands turn upwards towards source. I feel a connection to source. I visualise a flow of energy through me and radiating from me.

I am now at a point of peace and stillness. This purity is fully present and I can hold the energy of a healing or a clear space by just being. Nothing else is required of me other then being present but by my presence supports the healer and client and makes space for the healing to take place. This is a beautiful way to share unconditional love with another. This has created a sacred space which is safe for the client and healer. My aim is to maintain this space throughout the healing experience.

I am not pushing or forcing energy towards anyone, I am not judging a person, place or thing. My ego and inner dialogue has no place here. The space is unique to each person and every healing is different.

If I suffer a break in concentration and I am no longer fully present I adjust my stance, roll my shoulders back and down. I realign my chakras, check my earth star, exhale and connect to source. I use a simple mantra:

May this space be clear,

May I hold this here,

Fully present, peace & heaven,

Allowing this energy near.

I have found that holding energy for another is one of the most rewarding experiences. I have witnessed great healings and many tears, empathy, compassion and rejoicing. It is a great gift to view a profound and life changing experience of another on their journey to becoming whole. It is fascinating work.