Calcites – A Different Kind of Crystal Chakra Healing

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Calcites – A Different Kind of Crystal Chakra Healing

This week has all been about Calcites and in particular, how they relate to the different chakras.

Calcites offer us a very different way of working with chakra healing than their Quartz counterparts.

Quartz crystals are all about energising and big impacts. This is great, but sometimes we are simply not ready to deal with the energetic whirlwind that Quartz crystals are known for creating.

Calcites are more gentle but they are perfect for getting to the issues at their source. By the very nature of their constitution – raw and sharp as they have not been around as long as quartz crystals – they have the ability to cut through blockages, obliterating those stubborn and hard to shift issues residing in the chakra energy centres.

It is for this reason that healers will turn to calcites as opposed to quartz crystals if the person/and or issue at hand requires this approach.

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The Chakra System – The First Seven Chakras

The first chakra is the base or root chakra and positioned at the base of the spine. This centre is usually associated with the colour red and is the lowest vibration in the rainbow spectrum.

This chakra deals primarily with the survival instinct and the reptilian brain.  Hence it would relate to the immune system, the stiffness in joints, anaemia and lethargy.

It controls the organs and glands relevant to the area at the base of the spine, genitals, intestines, bowel system and gonads. These glands are known to affect our personality.

The second chakra is the sacral chakra and positioned behind the belly button. This centre is usually associated with the colour orange and is the second colour in the rainbow spectrum.

This chakra is also referred to as the abdominal centre and deals with all our relationships in life. Hence it would relate to the adrenal glands which give us adrenalin, energy or absorb shock.

Here is the seat of sexual energy and is where Chi or life force energy is stored.

The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra and positioned in the middle above the belly button and below the heart. This centre is usually associated with the colour yellow and is the third colour in the rainbow spectrum.

This is probably the most crucial centre on the body in relation to emotional energy and when used in wrong relationship to the self and others, it can cause selfishness and domination over others.

This is seen by healers and psychics when the energy centre spins erratically or even backwards in an anti-clockwise direction. It pulls energy in towards the self and is recognised by healers as clingy, needy and desperate to be loved people. This is because they do not feel the essence of love coming from their own hearts and so try and suck energy from all around.

When the energy in the solar plexus is rational and calm and the energy spins outwards, the person is in right relationship to themselves and others and this is felt by everyone as a person they are comfortable to be around. These people can make good healers and psychics.

On the physical body, this centre relates to the pancreas, stomach and the intestines and processes the absorbing of life force or prana energy from surrounding and food. Anxiety and fear are acknowledged here and it is where the fight or flight action/reaction takes place. It is the centre where our intuition is felt.

These first three chakras represent the power of human emotions.

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra and positioned above the heart. This centre is usually associated with the colour green and is the fourth colour in the rainbow spectrum.

This centre is our biggest centre and relates to the factor of love and the balance to its counterpart wisdom. When this centre is out of balance it can start to spin the wrong way leading to an involuntary movement downwards towards the solar plexus. When this energy centre is out of balance we are truly out of sorts.

The heart chakra physically relates to the thymus gland and when in balance stimulates the immune system. It frees us from the domination of others and supports the development of our own thoughts and values.

When in total balance it also opens up another centre above the heart and below the throat (now known as the tenth chakra or Higher Heart) otherwise known as the bodies ‘bodhisattva’ point or the point of enlightenment.

The heart chakra is positioned between the three lower and three higher chakra of the three dimensional first seven chakras and acts as a link between them. This centre is often referred to as the bridge.

This is the centre that communicates to the matrix.

The heart chakra represents feeling and feelings are the language that talk to the fibres of the fabric in our universe.

 The fifth chakra is the throat chakra and positioned below the chin and above the collar bone. This centre is usually associated with the colour blue and is the fifth colour of the rainbow spectrum.

This is the centre which deals with ‘active’ intelligence and communication. It assists with painkilling and brings calm when in balance. It encourages patience and uplifts and clarifies the mind. It also represents truth.

When this centre spins out of balance the energy is projected down into the sacral centre and then what you think about and feel and the words that you speak become related only to the personality and desire.

One of the lower aspects is money and materialism because money is essentially a form of communication.

When in balance it would translate to caring and sharing. Physically it would relate to the thyroid gland which encourages cell growth. It is also important to the glandular system bringing harmony to the body and helping to reduce blood pressure.

The sixth chakra is the brow chakra and positioned behind the forehead. This centre is usually associated with the colour indigo/violet and is the sixth colour of the rainbow spectrum.

This centre is relevant to clarity of vision and, many believe, our perception of truth. Its quality is to see things as they really are. It is the centre of creative visualisation and can gather and process information from our higher self.

When there is an imbalance in this centre it will project psychic conflict into the outside world. Physically, it corresponds to the pituitary gland and relates to our self-worth and any form of disharmony within our self image. When in balance it would relate to growth and balance throughout the body.

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra and positioned at the crown on top of the head.  The usual colour related to this centre is violet and is the seventh colour in the rainbow spectrum.

I have many times seen this centre pure white in colour and it can also range from pale aqua blue through to magenta. The colour changes depending on the language of the vibration from the heart. A great colour seen descending from the universe in through the crown chakra is vibrant green. This is the reflection of the colour put out from the heart centre and being returned in abundance.

This centre is known as the ‘thousand petalled lotus’ or the ‘seat of the soul’. This is because the crown contains seven centres that correspond to the seven body centres and it is called the rainbow bridge, often seen in the aura as bright white light or golden rays.

Physically this centre relates to the pineal gland which regulates the function of all the endocrine organs through the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is produced to sedate the endocrine organs when they become overactive or stressed. It also has an effect on the brain activity.

Those who complain of their brain being tired could have melatonin to thank for it. When the metabolism races, melatonin steps in to sedate excess over-activity with a feeling of sleepiness – thus resting the other endocrine organs of the body. When the body requires extra melatonin, the metabolism is slowed and the brain activity is quietened. It is in this state that more frequent experiences of psychic phenomena have been reported.

There is also evidence to suggest a relationship between melatonin and the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). This gland seems to require light to function properly and, consequently, is affected by the rhythms of the Sun and Moon – which appear to relate to our ‘biological clock’.

The crown chakra cannot function effectively until the personality is relatively balanced.

These last three chakras represent the thought, logic and direction.