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Amethyst & Angel Dreams

I absolutely love using Amethyst to connect to my Guardian Angel. I can’t think of a better way to hear my questions answered. No matter how big or small my question, I know I will be opened to find the answer.

And you can too.

Simply select your Amethyst crystal.

Wash under the cold tap to cleanse.

At bedtime, before you fall asleep, hold your crystal and recite your question, over and over until you feel it – it has to be imprinted into your crystal.

If you feel confident that your crystal is holding your message, to pass onto your Guardian Angel, simply put it under your pillow.

For skilled vision dreamers, this is the fun bit! As you dream, your question will be answered. This may happen on the first night, but for most it is over a period of time. Your angel dreams will answer your question as they are always, without fail, there to help us.

When you have finished with your crystal and your question has been answered, wash and thank the crystal and angel for their message.