A Love Spell For Clarity & Vision

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A Love Spell for Clarity & Vision

This spell will provide you with greater confidence to expand your psychic abilities. By tapping into your essence and source, you will find clarity in your life. Being open to your true power potential will aid you in understanding in how you need to be loved and what you need to do to achieve that.  

You will need:

A purple candle

A piece off Amethyst (clarity, vision and psychic ability)

A bell, gong or chime

A glass or chalice with some wine or fruit juice

Some incense

A piece of purple cloth

Create your space and cast your formation

Hold the piece of Amethyst in your hand and recite the following affirmation:

I willingly open my heart and my mind to my innate psychic abilities. I am invoking my power within for good and positive purposes. May my intuition reach its highest expression, allowing me greater clarity and vision in my life. I will listen to my inner knowing and allow this to guide me to receiving the love I deserve in my life. If I find myself struggling to receive love, I will call upon my higher being to guide me, illuminating the ways in which I can grow. And so it is.

Performing the Spell

Light your candle.

Ring the bell and say ‘I hear the power within’

Take a sip of the wine/juice and say ‘I taste the power within’

Light the incense and say ‘I smell the power within’

Close your eyes for a few seconds. When you open them say ‘I see the power within’

Take the cloth in your hands and say ‘I feel the power within’

Now recite the following incantation:

With the earth, the air, the water, the fire,

My vision increase to realms much higher

I invoke the power in me tonight,

I’ve heard the call, it is my right.

End with ‘And so it is’ or ‘Blessed be’

Close your formation.

Your spell is now complete.