A Love Spell For Boosting Self-Esteem

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A Love Spell for Boosting Self-Esteem

It’s common for people to find themselves in relationships where they are accepting of behaviour from another person that can be damaging. Toxic relationships, or the acceptance of, often stem from low self-esteem. Those with higher levels of self-esteem are less likely to allow themselves to stay in situations that are damaging to them. Here is a spell to boost your self-esteem.

You will need:

A black and a white candle.

A piece of Rhodonite (for self esteem and protecting your energy)

A piece of paper and a pen

Create your space and cast your formation

Hold the piece of Rhodonite in your hand and recite the following affirmation:

I love and accept myself unconditionally. In this love and acceptance, I freely allow myself to walk away from situations and people that cause me harm or do not enrich my experience. I radiate love and respect and I receive love and respect in return.

Performing the Spell

Light the white candle (white candles enhance positive energy)

Take the piece of paper and make a list of 10 things that you love about yourself.

Put the piece of paper to one side.

Now extinguish the white candle and light the black candle (black candles release unwanted negative energy)

Envisage an experience where you have felt low self-esteem. This could be for example, being or staying in a toxic relationship.

While the black candle burns, imagine yourself physically walking away from the situation/person. As you do this, feel your energy increasing and empowering you.

Now recite the following words 3 times:

I honour my worth and others honour that in me.

I attract only healthy, empowering relationships.

End with ‘And so it is’ or ‘Blessed be’

Now extinguish the candle.

Close your formation.

Keep the list of things you love about yourself. It’s also good practice to add to the list at other times! It will be a good reference point to remember why you should hold yourself in the highest regard.

Your spell is now complete.