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A Herkimer Diamond is the ‘ultimate’ in attunement stones when it comes to clarity in the perception of one’s relationship with another person, place or activity. Herkimer Diamonds are frequently given as a keepsake to someone travelling or moving away-to keep them attuned to those left behind. Herkimer Diamonds are widely believed to have a accessible ‘memory’ that has stored information for later retrieval. The theory being, when the energy vibration match is right, the crystal releases the information.

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Healing with Rose Quartz

Healing with Rose Quartz This week we have been shining the spotlight on Rose Quartz. This weeks crystal was chosen by our Michelle for its beautiful qualities. With children returning to school on Monday and things slowly beginning to turn…
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Healing With Amethyst

Crystals and Magic
Healing with Amethyst I am often asked what is healing with crystals? Healing is different things to different people but for me, simply put it is releasing pain and stress. Crystals talk to your DNA strands, subtly, gently moving energy…
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