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Healing the Healer

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Have you ever wanted to understand more about the world of crystal healing?

Let us introduce you to three unique crystals. We will take you to step by step with meditations, crystal grids, and more…

A FREE 13-unit course…

UNIT 1: An Introduction to Crystal Healing

UNIT 2: The Chakras & An Introduction to Selenite

UNIT 3: A Selenite Attunement

UNIT 4: Working with Selenite & An Introduction to Crystal Grids

UNIT 5: An Introduction to Prehnite & Activating your Prehnite

UNIT 6: The Aura & A Prehnite Attunement

UNIT 7: A Prehnite Guided Meditation

UNIT 8: Drawing Crystal Grids

UNIT 9: An Introduction to Moldavite & Moldavite for Transformation

UNIT 10: The Seven Spheres of the Spiritual Realms

UNIT 11: A Moldavite Meditation

UNIT 12: A Journey with Moldavite & Healing the Healer Crystal Grid

…. AND MORE! …

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