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Back in the summer of 1996 I was fortunate enough to meet an American Indian Elder by the name of Hollis Littlecreek.  Grandfather Hollis was the Chief of the Martin Clan of the Red Lakes Anishinabeg. I went to a gathering in Sedona Arizona and sat at the back listening to him talk. During a break I left and stood outside lost in thought. I wondered what I was doing there and why I had gone. There was a voice behind me and on turning around Grandfather Hollis was stood behind me. ‘You are wondering why you came and are about to leave’ he said in a soft gravelly tone that came from another place and time. I just looked at him. He was not a big man, he looked to be in his eighties maybe and had a kindly face. I believe I raised my arms in an empty gesture not knowing how to respond. I didn’t want to offend him as he looked sincere. ‘At dawn you come to speak with me and we will share medicine’ he said, and then was gone. He returned back to his talk and I left.

At dawn the following morning I found myself outside the house he was living in with a tobacco pouch offering.

Grandfather Hollis welcomed me in and sat me down at a large table. It was still dark inside the building with only natural light shining through the windows. Around the table on the floor were coloured rugs. As we spoke and the house began to wake up women began to enter the room and sit around the table on the floor. I counted seven or eight women sat around listening. I was surprised that they all looked to be white American women.

We talked about our cultural differences. He was interested in Druids and Wicca and I was interested in American Indian ceremonies and rituals. He was interested in all things English, and I was interested in all this American Indian. We clicked.

Grandfather Hollis and I talked for hours. We drank coffee and then water and stayed at the same table talking all day. Eventually we got onto my passion, healing with crystals and Hollis smiled and really came alive. We shared information, ideas and concepts. He had a wealth of knowledge. It flowed from him, every subject he had an opinion about.


This is what Grandfather Hollis and I shared;


Crystal Medicine is powerful medicine. Crystal medicine is part of the great cycle of life. Our bodies are fed by the mother. She provides all. Some things she provides we can eat and process naturally, these things nourish and heal the body, some things we cannot. Some crystals and minerals that our bodies need are too powerful for our system to process or digest and so they go through another evolution. The energy of the crystal and mineral kingdom enters any living organism and so can easily nourish and be absorbed into plants, herbs and shrubs. These in turn are eaten by the animal kingdom and humankind eats these animals. The animals have processed the crystal and mineral kingdoms energy and it becomes safe for humankind to consume. This is one way the crystal and mineral kingdom helps humankind.

Another way they can help is by subtle energy. We have 364 energy centers spinning away spread all over our bodies. We can not see these centers but we can feel them. These energy centers are small vortices of energy that keep us in balance. Each energy centre gives off a vibration that is unique. No two energy centers give off the same vibration and no two people’s energies are the same. When one energy center is out of harmony with the body that energy center spins differently. It can speed up, slow down or in some cases spin anti-clockwise. Crystals and minerals omit a pulse, an energy that we can not see and yet is such powerful medicine that it can have an affect on the energy centers on your body. Like attracts like and if you are attracted to a crystal or mineral it will be for a reason. The energy of crystals and minerals are constant and when held in proximity of the energy center that is out of balance it has the power to align itself to that center and pull it back into balance. Some times more then one crystal or mineral is required and sometimes there is more work needed to reinstate balance.


Crystals and minerals also have a memory and this memory can be tapped. Some crystals and minerals remember the creation of the universe and some have hidden knowledge hidden in them by the ancestors waiting for the right time and place to impart their wisdom. Grandfather Hollis and I spoke for hours on the subject of crystals.


He also shared with me the ancient wisdom of how we spiritual beings came to inhabit the physical world. When the world was created the rock and mineral kingdom was formed. In time spirit entered this kingdom and spirit learnt about patience and memory. This was a very long epoch of time. There were many periods of climate change and in time many rocks and minerals were crushed down and washed into the rivers and streams. The rivers and streams flowed into the oceans and spirit spent its next evolution swimming in the waters of emotion.


Spirit experienced incredible highs as the waves were pulled by the magnetism of the moon then crashed to the very depths of the earth. This is how spirit learnt to feel. It watched the cycle of grandmother moon when she became full and rejoiced and felt sadness when she then left and was hidden. This was in preparation for spirit to learn about the feelings of separation that it will go through on its great journey.


From here spirit swam back up the rivers and streams and came onto the land. Spirit joined the kingdoms of plants and trees. In these two kingdoms many lessons were learnt about the cycles of the year. Reaching up to the sun for heat and light then pushing down into the earth for nourishment and stability. Plants and trees produce oxygen, provide food, shelter and healing. The mighty oak stands tall and strong, providing for many. The sage bush smells sweet and clears the air. The willow tree with its healing properties bends and weeps. The juniper is ever green and saps a useful resin. Of all the things spirit learnt from this kingdom the most important of all was sense of purpose. Time needs to be spent in these two valuable kingdoms as there are many lessons.


Progression into the animal kingdom is the next evolution and here the lesson of instinct is born. First the insects and then many beautiful beasts of the earth for spirit to inhabit. Each has much to teach. In some spirit can learn speed and in others cunning. Survival is a strong instinct and one spirit will need to learn quickly.


The kingdom of the birds is the final stage of the evolution of spirit before becoming human. To soar above the earth from a high vantage point gives perspective. Community, vision, adaptability and clear sight are all qualities experienced within this kingdom. Large birds also clean up after the animal kingdom as they scavenge so they do another service.

When all these kingdoms and experiences have been processed and learnt spirit has the opportunity to be born into the physical world of humanity. He is a spiritual being and a physical being at the same time and through his evolutions knows how to cope. It will depend on his capacity of inner knowing that will determine how many incarnations it will take for him to awake.


For many years since my meeting with Grandfather Hollis I have thought back to this time and wondered where his teachings would fit into my life and work. I have shared these words with people who have crossed my path and in the introduction of my book ‘The Crystal Healer’. However, recently more and more I find his words in my head when working in the shop or doing my readings. Grandfather Hollis said a time would come after his passing when his teachings would reach those who would bring about change in the world. He said when the time is right he would be with us in spirit.

By Marianna Sheldrake