The beautiful gemstone Tanzanite was discovered in 1967, so our knowledge of it as healers is relatively new. Originally Tiffany had sole rights to this unique transparent indigo/violet-blue gemstone. Tiffany named the gemstone Tanzanite after the location. Discovered around the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain lies to the northeast of Tanzania.

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The irresistible blue/violets, greys and pinks found within Tanzanite are due to the mineral chromium and traces of vanadium. Geologically, Tanzanite belongs to the family of zoisites, which occur widely. It’s, however, the occurrence of chromium and vanadium found together in this one location that turns the zoisite from greens to blue. The uniqueness of these minerals in this location means geologists believe that it is unlikely that another find will occur anywhere on earth.

Being able to source natural Tanzanite has been a breakthrough for healers and alternative therapists. It takes time for information to be gathered and verified. So what little we know is this.

Tanzanite, when held in the hand during meditation or during healing, feels like an energy is stroking or gently combing through your aura. It starts over the head and gently works its way around the entire body. Tanzanite seeks out stress and tensions in the aura and pulls them out. Sitting with Tanzanite, checking your breathing and allowing your mind to wander free for just ten minutes a day for a week, you will notice a difference. As you begin to feel these small changes to your anxiety or stress levels, you may want to increase your mindfulness with Tanzanite to fifteen minutes, building to twenty minutes a day. First thing in the morning is a good time, so maybe try setting the alarm and getting out of bed a little earlier or the last thing at night as it can aid restful sleep.

A healer or therapist could use two pieces of Tanzanite when working with a client. One for the patient to hold and one to physically stroke around the aura, taking the energy away from the physical body and shaking it off before returning closer to the body to repeat. Starting with long, gentle sweeps around and over the head, take the energy away from the head. Pull your arm away as far as can be reached before shaking the wrist and releasing the energy collected. Work slowly down the body until finally bringing all the stresses and anxieties away from the feet area. A healer, by this time, will have located which chakra centres are showing the most stress and may be able to identify restorative treatments or actions.

Generally, my findings are that those drawn to the mineral or crystal form of Tanzanite are fun-loving, enthusiastic personality types who are prone to living life at great speed. Active, adventurous and strive for success to the extreme. The teachings of Tanzanite are everything in moderation. Slow down, enjoy the journey, think before you speak, stay calm and work efficiently, not harder and longer! Tanzanite can, with practice, help bring the analytical mind into harmony with feelings and emotions.

Tanzanite makes an excellent mineral to experiment with, helping conditions like hypertension and high blood pressure. Holistically we need to listen to our bodies and notice the minerals to which we are drawn. After all, we are stardust, and our bodies know what they need.