This mineral attunes to the crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras – opening and clearing blockages. Place some on different areas of the body and a slight vibration can be sensed at the locations of stress. It has most of the qualities of Quartz crystal except it cannot be programmed for the empowerment of negative and malevolent energies.

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It can only be utilised for our highest good and therefore makes an exceptional healer. In fact, Lepidolite is totally impotent unless it is used for the power of good. Shamanic rites, extra-terrestrial contact and astral travel are all reputed to benefit from its presence. Likewise, it aids and protects you when delving into the Akashic records for the thoughts of what has and will occur. Lithium, a derivative of Lepidolite, has been used as a medication in the treatment of manic depression. Lepidolite occasionally occurs in the form of Mica, with a plate-like structure. In this form all its properties are amplified and it has limitless uses and powers.

A huge comforter to those who suffer depression, it works hardest for those under stress. It is used in cases of anorexia, alcoholism and all addictions. It quickly becomes our conscience and support. With Lepidolite around the work place or home, those niggling negatives that allow us to fail cease to exist – they simply cannot function in proximity with Lepidolite. It is a mineral that needs to be worked with and explored to discover what it can do for you.

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