Using The Runes


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Rune stones can be made out of many different materials, clay, stone, crystal or wood. All have a particular power of their own and carry the magic of the person who created them.

They should at all times be kept together in a special bag and treated with the utmost respect.

There are 24 Runic symbols and a blank rune, almost the same as the alphabet used today.

Each of the runes relates to an aspect of everyday life – which in turn symbolised a ‘cosmic’ situation (‘As above – so below’ again).

The twenty-four rune symbols were divided into three groups or ‘aetts’ (hence our modern word ‘eight’) reflecting the eight directions used in magic.

The use of ‘bind runes’ was and is not uncommon. In the simplest of terms, this is a composite symbol made from a number of runes that combine to create a specific charm. A bit like writing a secret or coded sentence.

A Rune diary, like a ‘book of shadows’, can be kept to record questions and answers, dates and situations. This helps build up confidence as you learn so that you can look back and compare notes on the outcome – and how you handled it.

A simple question and answer reading can be performed daily for guidance, by meditating on an area of your life with which you require some help.  Then, drawing a Rune from the bag without looking, keep the question in your mind and rummage through the bag until you are quite happy with the feel of the selected Rune.

Most Runes have a negative or positive answer; although some are both, and in that situation the answer is neither.

Another more accurate reading is to draw three Runes, one at a time and place them in front of you. The first one represents the past, the second the present and the third the future. This will tell you the expected outcome of the present situation.

However, destiny is not written – it is merely a predictable outcome of events. You have the power to take responsibility for your own path and thus affect the outcome.

For more in-depth readings, I choose to use a Rune Board.

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