EXERCISE – Moldavite for Transformation

The beginning of all things started with sound.

The atom split and bang, everything came into existence all at once.

The universe and our very existence was made possible by this and in many sacred writings it is referred to as ‘The Word’.

This divine command delivered such a powerful vibration it created a frequency that in turn created everything, and in that everything, our world.

In this unit we too are going to be tapping into the energy of the universe thorough sound frequency. In this instance it is going to be the sound of your voice.

It has always been understood that those spiritually enlightened, Shaman, Yogis etc; can tune in and hear the frequency of the universe.

This frequency reverberates out in tiny threads or strands like fine angel hair in waves through the universe creating a gigantic web or matrix.

These sounds are the echo of the moment of creation and everything that has happened since.

Moldavite coming from that ‘moment’ and hurling around our universe holding, hearing and absorbing that frequency contains that echo from the Divine spark.

Quantum physics is now putting a language to this and we are able to explain these theories a little better than we did in the past. String theory is a classic example. This is where a theoretical structure or grid of one-dimensional pieces of matter called ‘strings’ replace the point like particles of particle physics.

These strings stretch and proliferate through space ‘interacting’ with each other. It’s this interacting with each other that healers have talked about for thousands of years that has been misunderstood.

 For this unit of the crystal healing course we are going to talk to the matrix, the ‘strings’ of our universe through feelings that create frequencies – and/or with sounds using our voice.

For this exercise with Moldavite we are going to be using a mantra.

A mantra is a spoken or sang sound or group of sounds done at a certain frequency that will create change in the matrix.

Your voice, yes your voice, no matter how gravely, croaky or tone deaf you are, no matter how beautiful and tuneful you may be belongs to you and contains in essence a spark of the Divine within it.

When a mantra is sang or spoken by you it plucks and pulls at the strings of the matrix and sends out a powerful message.

Your very own frequency is your identification and is heard and sets in motion cause and effect.

Set some private time aside with your journal. Read the notes you have made on this crystal healing journey.

You will need a piece of Moldavite for this exercise.

In your journal write the things that come to mind about your life. Write your feelings good and bad. This is a private journal so you can be honest with yourself.

If along this journey you have made some realisations write those down too. Do you work too much? Do you spend too much time alone? Do you never have any time alone? Are you stuck in your ways? Do you worry about the future? Do you worry about other people? Would you like to travel? Do you spend too much money? Would you like more money to spend? What would you buy if money was no object?

Aches, pains, worries, write them all down. Everything!

Usually as you do this many of the things you write down you realise are not big issues and that you are at the heart of the issue.

I knew a lady who did this a few years ago who came to the realisation that she actually had everything she wanted. However what she was doing was spending all her money on herself and others whom she cared about and then fretted that she never had enough.

Her conclusion was that for a year she was going to not buy anything that was not an essential; So bills were paid and food was brought but everything else was recycled.

She brought no new clothes instead she up-cycled. She brought no presents; she made everything including all her Christmas presents. She crafted, she painted, she grew plants and propagated them and she cooked sweets, jams and preserves. She swapped things with friends which she got really good at and she even made some wine.

At the end of the year she had saved ten thousand pounds and on reflection said it was the best year of her life. Yes there were times she desperately wanted something. Just when you make a decision like this everything you ever wanted pops up in availability in the right colour and size. But she got through it by reciting a little mantra to herself. It went something like this:

I am whole

The universe provides me with everything I need

I am strong

I am grateful

I am whole

It was her reminder that she didn’t need anything and was a huge learning curve. Never be afraid to set yourself a task on your journey and if you fail, pick yourself up, brush yourself down and give yourself a good talking too. Then start again!

Work in your journal and try and identify one thing from all your notes that would make a difference in your life.

As an example I am going to say after reading all your notes you decide that if you only had more confidence, your life would be so much better. It would allow you to make some changes that would give you a better quality of life.

Now we need to communicate that to the universe. Think of the words that would best motivate you to be strong.

These are your triggers.

Think power songs and positive thinking. Try something like;

I am the power

I embrace change

I am strong

Everything is ok.

I am ok

The mantra must not be too long as it’s important to remember it when you are repeating it over and over. With your Moldavite in your hand or if you have it in jewellery or even a piece taped to your skin; touch it or stroke it when you repeat the mantra.

For example; say you are going for an interview or you are about to deliver a speech, something out of your comfort zone; in the morning when you rise find the time to say your mantra.

Usually it is said maybe nine times.

Some yogis repeat a mantra a hundred and eight times then move their beads across and start again. I find about nine is good for me.

Directly before you go in for your interview or go to deliver your speech, touch your Moldavite again and repeat your mantra.

Moldavite is called the Stone of Transformation for a reason and no matter what you ask of it Moldavite delivers.

If you are looking for healing write your mantra accordingly. It should go something like this and be spoken or sang whilst stroking your Moldavite.

I am whole

I am well

I am filled with light

I am grateful


I am whole

I am well

I am filled with light

I am grateful


Repeat nine times or twenty two or however many times it takes.

Believe it. Feel it.

Write your mantra on a large piece of paper and hang it on the wall so you look at it every day.