Introducing Moldavite

The third and last crystal (mineral) we are going to use for ‘healing the healer’ is Moldavite.

A lot has been written about Moldavite over the years but one thing everyone appears to agree on is that Moldavite is the stone of transformation.

Let us get to know exactly what Moldavite is and what it can do for you.

Geological Properties of Moldavite

Moldavite is olive green to dark dull sage green in colour and is a vitreous substance that was formed by a meteorite or asteroid impact.

This meteoric substance has been the centre of a huge amount of controversy for many years.

What has become known as fact is that a large meteor or asteroid fell to earth some fifteen million years ago and landing near a place today called Stuttgart in Germany. The impact caused debris to be strewn across Czechoslovakia where it has been mined extensively.

It is believed there is only approx ten more years of commercial mining left before the resources run out. No new finds of large pieces are expected to be found and as they are digging deeper the smaller the pieces are getting.

Science believes that as the meteor or asteroid exploded on the earth surface it is possible that it may have fused with our own terrestrial rock. This explains the way Moldavite resembles a tektite. (Tektites have their own story but it is agreed that tektites are lava from volcanic eruptions that have been shot through the earth’s atmosphere and pulled back to earth by gravity. This gives it a similar surface texture to Moldavite).

It has been reported that NASA has tested the tiny gas bubbles trapped within some specimen pieces of Moldavite and concluded that these occurred under pressures not possible within our atmosphere.

Moldavite is considered a mineral and not a crystal although technically it is a ‘mineraloid’. This is due to the fact that it crystallized at such a speed the atoms did not have the time required to arrange themselves into minerals. Another reason geologist and scientists are fascinated by Moldavite.

Please do your own research on the origins of Moldavite as it makes fascinating reading.

The Healing Properties of Moldavite

Moldavite is an amazing mineral that is a ‘must have’ as an essential working tool. You never know when you might need it and it is always ready for the ‘big’ event.

Here are some comments I’ve collected from experienced healers working with Moldavite;

Moldavite is a catalyst.

Moldavite is associated with The Major Arcana card ‘The Tower’ and creates change.

Moldavite deals with chaotic energies.

Moldavite is tough love.

Moldavite is a magic potion, handle with care.

Moldavite is your alter ego.

Moldavite gets the job done.

Moldavite is fast, sleek and beautiful.

Moldavite works well with other crystals to amplify collectively all their energy.

Moldavite being extra-terrestrial, having power, speed and making a huge impact are certain. It is these very qualities that are apparent when working with it.

However Moldavite is not a crystal to be scared of, it won’t hurt you.

Moldavite is the mineral to bring out when you are looking for spiritual breakthroughs.

It can be used on any of the chakras but with the new vibrational shifts taking place right now it is especially helpful and active on the heart and higher chakra.

Stagnant and congested energy that needs moving and clearing fast would be the specialty of this mineral. In the physical world we suffer so much emotional pain because apart from everything else we hold on to that pain.

We own it.

It makes us who we are and until we are ready to change we seem unable to let go of it.

Moldavite actively working in the heart and higher chakra helps one to move through emotionally stuck energy. 

Holding and stroking Moldavite on the heart or/higher heart, stimulates the release and dispersal of emotionally trapped energies and the ability to vocally externalise.

This then transforms physical pain caused by spiritual trauma.

The higher heart-etheric voice says what is normally hard to say by communicating to the universe in a language it understands through the vibration of deep feelings.

Moldavite never ceases to surprise us as a healing mineral.

Meditating with Moldavite usually only lasts for a few minutes as the energy can be intense, but it gets down to business straight away and deals with the cause and not the symptoms.

Usually it will come as a surprise and we may not feel strong enough to deal with it, however sooner or later it will need to be addressed.

Moldavite’s extraterrestrial origins have made it a natural stone for uniting our lower heart, the heart and the higher heart chakras linking the emotions and our feelings to the very matrix of our universe through ones etheric voice. When one is ready.

In unit 9B, you will find an exercise that will allow you to tap into the power of Moldavite to assist in your own transformation.