[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Prehnite is very quickly going to become your best friend!

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Prehnite

Prehnite, the crystal to heal the healer! From where there was darkness grew light and illumination, peace and calm. The vibration of Prehnite is believed by healers to hold the frequency of unconditional love. The love necessary to heal oneself or another.

It offers serenity, dignity and a sense of wholeness.

Meditating with Prehnite connects one to the grid of the universe. Its pulse is believed to communicate with the energy of the Archangel Raphael.

The ‘dreaming stone’ – Prehnite is believed to encourage contact with the ‘higher self’ by enhancing the visualisation process. It can be used to project protective fields around ones aura. It is also believed to enhance the ability of prophesy due to its powerful link to the Divine.

Prehnite is excellent in dealing with nightmares, night sweats and all fears and phobias.

Geological Properties of Prehnite

Prehnite is a phyllosilicate of calcium and aluminium. It crystallizes in the orthorhombic crystal system.

It is common to find tiny orthorhombic beds of green Prehnite with delicate faces shinning up at you that prompt you to take a closer look. Prehnite draws you in with its beauty. It talks directly to you in a secret whisper that no one else can hear.

These incredible beds are often very high quality crystal formations great for healing purposes and as geological specimens but often unsuitable for jewellery purposes. These beds are made up of thousands of tiny orthorhombic crystals that look like thousands of tiny cubes each one cube perfect in its own way and a storehouse of information within its structure.

Occasionally there are finds of larger formations but these are usually not of such good quality. Much of the quantity on the market today is imported from Pune in India coming through China however more recently we are seeing a gem quality from the basalt tableland in central Northern Territory of Australia. This is arriving mostly is tumbled form, showing beautiful translucent qualities of pale green hues.

Prehnite is not considered a zeolite but is often found amongst a group of minerals including those we randomly term zeolites. Many consider heulandites, stillbites, laumontites, calcites and apophyllites all fit into this category.

The Power of Prehnite

Prehnite is considered by healers, for at least four decades that I know of, to be able to heal the healer. The givers, the nurtures, the martyrs and for everyone who self-sacrifices, this amazing crystal gives and keeps on giving. Perhaps that is why so many healers are attracted to it because like attracts like!

We have always known that Prehnite works well on the crown chakra connecting one to the very fibres of the universe and communicating with Archangel Raphael. Prehnite enhances visualisation and increases the psychic abilities with the gift of prophesy.

However, increasingly, as we have gone through the twenty twelve energies and beyond, we are beginning to have more understanding of the eight new chakras.

With this we are realising the connection to Prehnite and the eleventh chakra. Healers and shaman have known about this chakra for centuries but not had the language to clearly identify it in such a way.

First the obvious qualities come to mind. Prehnite quietens the restless mind. It calms the nerves and alleviates worry. It helps one to stay in the present moment and pause’s the replay button on negative imagery.

It does this by aligning the lower heart energies with the will.

Think of the energies of the solar plexus – the centre of power that relates to emotional energy aspiring towards the development of heart felt relationships to another and to the environment. This is an important energy centre and one that can dictate ones life path and destiny.

This is the centre where emotional balance is held, but it can be a hard job holding onto that balance.

It takes dedication and a strong desire to become ‘self aware’ to hold ones emotions in place while applying logic and reason from the throat, third eye and crown chakras.

This is what we are aspiring to in balancing the chakras. To balance our lower chakras  ‘emotional’ with our upper chakras ‘logic and reason’ bringing them together in the heart ‘unconditional love’.

It sounds a lot easier than it is and can take a lot of practise.

Anxiety and fear are acknowledged here and it is where ‘thought becomes action’ or when restricted becomes inaction and stress. It needs strength of personality or incredible drive to control and push this power through logic and reason into something positive and enlightening.

Prehnite held on the lower heart chakra or by meditating with it helps by aligning this desire to the will.

Balancing the Lower & Higher Chakras

When one fails at anything it is because another energy is stronger or more dominant than the energy to succeed.

For example; take something simple like a diet. You may want to lose a stone and a half and intend frequently to set about doing something about it. The energy is held in the base chakra and about looking and feeling attractive and becoming more active.

It might even relate to the need to change your diet for health reasons and so relate to the sacral chakra.

This is the desire and the intention is strong.

The opposing energy however is probably stronger due to a person’s nature. It is like a default setting, unless something changes and the default is reset we return to what’s in our nature.

So after a few days of cutting down and eating healthy we step into a different world, one of feeling out of sync with ourselves and out of our comfort zone.

Our shopping basket looks strangely different and far too healthy. The biscuit barrel and the fridge are empty of all the usual comfort treats. We spend more time preparing fresh fruit and veg then zapping a microwave meal in the oven. We have probably spent more money on our new eating plan than ready meals and after a few attempts at exercise and even buying the correct fitness gear or gym membership still haven’t managed twenty minutes a day three times a week.

All of this becomes one big ball of energy in itself and grows and becomes stronger because it is based and fed by ‘feelings’. Feelings created in the lower chakras without emotional intelligence will win every time.

We may purchase healthy foods and then not go on to eat them. As if by the very act of selecting them and paying for them somehow equates trying really hard at healthy eating.

Purchasing a gym membership means we are doing something about our intention even if we don’t actually get there very often because of a thousand really good excuses.

These actions, if we were to rationalise them, tell us that the emotional body is either weak, blocked or both.

The lower chakras are disconnected from the higher chakras which is where emotional intelligence is balanced.

Prehnite and The Eleventh Chakra

On our healing journey the lower heart chakra plays an extraordinarily vital role.

When we begin to question and work on ourselves, we stimulate the eleventh chakra into action.

Suddenly with the aid of the lower heart chakra we begin to reach out for emotional intelligence.

We realise that what we are feeling is not necessarily true and instead based on old patterning and instincts.

The lower heart chakra acts like an inner physical sensible voice and with the new vibrational shifts of the last few years, we are only just beginning to realise it is there and how to work with it.

This information is still very new and I am sure much more will be written about in the future. Already we know that by simply acknowledging it is there, it works. It works  by pushing all our buttons and making us question everything we ever knew. Physically and emotionally  we give it permission to do so.

It may seem a little crazy but we allow it to expose our vulnerability and weaknesses to ourselves, bringing to the surface our pain and sorrow in order to re-imprint through the will, logic and reason of our higher chakras.

The eleventh chakra, the lower heart, aligns with the heart chakra and the tenth chakra, the higher heart or the etheric voice. This brings forth unconditional love for the self to flow. This is the key to unblocking stuck emotional energy that with time, restricts life flow and causes dis-ease.

Prehnite resonates with the energy of the lower heart chakra and the higher heart chakra pulling them into alignment. It teaches, healer heal thyself first. Martyrs love thyself first. Care givers, give to thyself first. Mothers love thyself first.

Become love.

Love conquers and wins.

To my body my mind and my spirit I say ‘I am sorry. I am sorry I forgot, you too carry a spark of the Divine within’.

To my body my mind and my spirit I say ‘Please forgive me. Forgive me for not recognising the spirit of the Divine within’.

To my body my mind and my spirit I say ‘I love you. I love the Divine in all things in nature, in the earthly world and in all the stars and the planets in our universe. I acknowledge that I am made of star dust and that Divine energy resides within me’.

To my body my mind and my spirit I say ‘Thank you. Thank you for the message. If I had not experienced the need to look and search deep within I would never have found myself’.

Taken from the Hawaiian Ho’oponono shamanic traditional way of healing.


Prehnite holds the energies of the angelic realms. It stores information that when you are ready you will be able to understand.

Information has been stored in crystals and minerals from the angelic realms for humankind to access when they are ready.

Think of the crystal and mineral kingdom the same as you would memory sticks for computers.  They are the like the libraries of our solar system and carry information not only about the geology of our planet but also about you.

Prehnite is simply magical.

It will help you in so many ways.

It instigates the process in the clearance of karma and will lift your spirit.

It will seal your aura with a protective shield of divine love, energy from the angels themselves.

It will support you through the liberation of repressed memories and will aid re-imprinting.

Prehnite is a gift from the angels.


You will need to prepare yourself to work with the energy of Prehnite for the next few units.

While working with Prehnite leave your Selenite grid complete with the Selenite in place. This will keep on working for you over the next few weeks unhindered. You will have activated your Selenite by working and preparing it so there is nothing physically you need to do.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]