We have already begun work on the seven chakras of the physical body and the seven subtle bodies, so it is time to look at the seven spheres of the spiritual realms.

When working with crystals, I feel this is an important area to cover. You will often hear things such as ‘this crystal is useful to connect to the angelic realms’ or ‘this crystal can assist you in reaching the Akashic records’.

Having an understanding of the seven spheres of the spiritual realms will enhance your experience with crystal healing and provide a foundation for your own explorations.

The Seven Spheres of The Spiritual Realms

The seven spheres are sometimes referred to as the Aura of the Divine.

Humankind can for a brief time inhabit each of the spheres, by travel in our higher-self bodies, to expand our consciousness and bring back knowledge from each sphere.

I believe that I have been fortunate enough to be shown how to negotiate the spiritual realms and have some understanding of them. That said remember this is my experience of them and yours may be different.

There is much information about them out on the internet but the one I like best is ‘The Chakra’s of the Divine’.

Keep in mind what we covered earlier about the matrix or the fibres of the universe and how they permeate all things. These fibres help us navigate our way not only through life but also death.

The fibres, in my understanding, are like fine strands of ‘angel hair’ that permeate everything; matter and energy in all their complexities.

I can best describe the seven spheres of the spiritual realms as a series of concentric spheres. We need an understanding of spiritual concepts and these spheres in order to process the information that we receive from the crystals.

Connecting with loved ones, distant healing, communicating with angels, astral travel etc is a lot easier if we have some existing knowledge to base our findings upon.

The core of our planet is like a sphere of heavy matter. The fibres exist here.

The second sphere is the mineral, plants and animal sphere. It is where what we know as ‘the elementals’ exist. It is widely believed that information of our universe is stored in the crystal and mineral kingdoms.

The third sphere is the physical one where we play out our earthly existence, perhaps believing ourselves to be separate, yet still connected through the same fibres.

By now this should be building into a very three dimensional picture to visualise.

The fourth sphere is the area of the lowest emotion and lowest mental activity. It is the first of the astral levels – and can be the one most full of man’s spiritual rubbish.

Made up of negative thoughts and activities, it is the easiest one to tap into.

This is the realm that many tap into when trying to open up portals to the spiritual realms. There are just as many mediums out there closing up these opening into the physical world.

The fifth sphere is the higher emotional and mental level. It is the home of all positive collective energies and all negative collective energies.

It is the home of all the demons that haunt our sleep and unconscious mind, nightmares exist here – and the residence of all thought forms past and present.

It is the hardest level to get through when meditating or astral travelling.

Within the fifth sphere the gravitational pull can be felt as a physical restraint and you still feel your physical body although weightless and floaty.

My personal experience of this sphere was one of a repeating nightmare. After many years one night I simply was so frightened and so fed up of being frightened I woke up in my nightmare and realising I was asleep and in a nightmare I took control of the situation and changed the ending.

This realisation sped my spiritual growth and eventually allowed me access to all the higher spiritual realms.

The person I always perceived to be my sister, mother, friend in all my dreams and spirit walking, turned out to be my higher self leading and guiding my lower physical self.

Once I realised this I could connect to my spirit body anytime I wanted.

For those desperate to meet again their dearly departed loved ones this sphere is one that spirits can descend to relatively easily although they cannot stay long.

Likewise with practise many can find their way to this sphere with confidence, still feeling tethered to their physical body.

This is the place where the deities created by man exist and, because of this, it is where many departed spirits are drawn at death.

Since ‘like attracts like’, this area is sometimes referred to as the ‘karmic realm’ where spirits rather rest awhile to try and complete unfinished business or temporarily get stuck.

Don’t forget that this sphere is overlaid over all the other spheres and connected by the fibres that make up our universe.

When you reach the sixth sphere, you instinctively know it.

This is the sphere sometimes known as the ‘geometric sphere’ or ‘building blocks of the universe’. Here you can move about by thought alone far more easily than in any of the others.

You will find that you can communicate telepathically and a body of any kind does not restrict you.

Here, you feel like you are flying and you can quickly learn how to observe anything you can visualise.

Depending on your comprehension of this realm you will only see what you can understand or relate to and soon get to know your way around.

I followed a dearly departed friend over the other side to the sixth sphere once and arrived at what we call the halls of learning.

I saw her talking to bright light angelic beings and was surprised because she was a devoted catholic.

We had many conversations about spirituality before her passing and she believed that she needed to go through Jesus and Mother Mary and the Holy Ghost to speak to the Divine.

That she would never be able to address the Divine herself as she was not worthy.

Yet here she was talking to bright light beings relaxed and happy.

I moved around the clearing and skirted around behind her. Looking through her eyes I could see what she was seeing and to my surprise there in front of her were three beautiful nuns wearing white robes.

The interesting thing about the sixth sphere is that you can pose a question; I usually write my question on a piece of paper and place it under my pillow before I go to sleep. You can also write under your pillow with your finger your message or question.

Then when you travel to the spiritual realms you are met or taken to meet a guide who will speak with you.

It really is like making an appointment.

I asked once why Lady Diana had died so young when she was so full of life and was so good for the people and the country.

I was devastated on hearing about her passing. I met a guide in a place far away who was shinning brightly hovering above what looked like freshly mown grass. There were tall white pillars all around holding up nothing but blue sky. He was waiting for me when I arrived and I asked him my question.

He said to me; ‘Many people passed that day’!   That was it that was the answer.

I have had many interesting conversations with beings in the sixth sphere. Are these holograms in a holographic universe, who knows? It feels real and is as real as I am in that space and time. And I am not the only one who can tell stories and bring back information. There are many people who have experiences like these.

Once you have found a way to navigate to the sixth realm you can remember it without trying. It’s like an initiation, once passed, you do not need to do it again.

On each travelling it will become ‘more like home’ and can feel almost more real than your everyday existence in the physical world. Time ceases to exist and troubles can be taken there to work through.

The issues that we find most worrying are those that in the spirit realms are of no consequence.

Here we find that our biggest troubles in life are really insignificant.

It is only the way in which we perceive them.

And here is one of the first lessons I have learned. Our perception is our reality – so if we want to change our reality, we must first change our perception of it.

The seventh sphere. This is the sphere connected to all that is that contains everything that has happened since the beginning of time.

Some call it the akashic records. Some call it the mind of the Divine.

Apart from a few very brief visits when I was told to return to my body I have little experience of this realm. I have asked and looked for answers within the akashic records but usually the answers are delivered to me via a guide.

Spirits who pass through here have passed over and although I met my mother once here it was brief and heavenly. I believe she came out and met me in the matrix rather then I was actually allowed in.

This realm is the farthest away from the physical realm in the sense of density. It’s a blink of an eye and yet out of reach. This is the realm of the unknowable that the Native American Shaman talk about.

These spheres are there for us all to explore.

There are, though, two important lessons to learn and remember.

Firstly, you will inevitably want to progress too quickly! Take your time and be patient!

Secondly, in order to bring back any drop of wisdom or knowledge from behind the veil, we must learn to leave all reason and intellect behind; all ego and personality in their many forms.

We must be stripped of everything except emotion – which is the only thing we can take with us when we travel.

Emotion is truth.

Our truth is our identification. Our ‘ID card’, allowing us access to these realms.

It is the one thing no one can take away from you if you refuse to let them.