The Aura – The Seven Subtle Bodies

Previously we have spoken about the etheric voice and the physical voice. Here we are going to be looking at these ‘voices’ a little more closely.

They are important and will play a big part of our healing.

To understand where these ‘voices’ resonate from we will be need to be aware of our subtle bodies.

We are so much more then the physical body we reveal.

We are made up of the same particles of an exploded star; imagine all that energy and light.

We thrive in the flow of universal life-giving energy flushing through our crown chakra and our entire auric field. We need a constant connection to our physical world and universe to stay in perfect balance and health.

Around the physical body, invisible to most of us, are energy fields that are alive and vibrant, constantly feeding us information.

These are called the ‘subtle bodies’ and it is here energy can become trapped causing blockages.

Healers have known and worked with these subtle bodies for millennia.

I have seen healers work by smudging the subtle bodies to stimulate movement and help clear the aura. Some will use incense or sage wands and waft the smoke around the body with their hands or feathers.

In Zimbabwe the Nanga wrapped a large blanket around me and wafted the smoke from resin and herbs she had collected under the blanket. This ceremony of my healing and cleansing took some time and all the while as the smoke is swirling around I was inhaling the smoke which was making me cough. This triggers energy movement within the body as well as working with the subtle bodies.

The Nanga told me that sometimes if she is working with ‘spirit possessions’ lethargy, alcoholism or something like the ‘demon depression’ she uses herbs that make the  patient begin to sweat and become violently sick.

I have also witnessed shamanic healers work by punching the subtle bodies, sometimes very close to the physical body to break up the stagnant energy pockets and stimulate energy flow.

The healer stands in front of you and swiftly punches the air around you a hairs-breath from the body. It feels like an aura punch and is a little frightening. When it is happening to someone else it can be amusing and interesting. When it is happening to you your senses are on overload with the anticipation of what is about to happen.

Having experienced this myself I know it can have a very real effect on a physical level, for days after feeling spun out, physically sick and psychically bruised. The healing process requires lots of water and getting out into nature to clear and re-balance the aura as the physical body processes the break up of negative energies.

Outside Sedona, Arizona USA I took part in a Sweat lodge with Black Elk. We were handed braids and a blanket. Inside the lodge clothed only in the blanket and out length of braid, Black Elk called upon the elders to come present and assist in our sweat.

He talked us through our healing and held the other end of our braid to keep us symbolically tethered. Afterwards we were taken to a stream; the cold water shocks the spirit to return into the physical body. Then fluids were given and time to rest.

To some these forms of healing may seem extreme but the healing resulting from them can be phenomenal.

 We are all different and for some, it is exactly what is needed; the actual process of being part of the physical process of your own healing.

 Other methods for re-balancing or moving energy through the aura are sound baths.

These can be done with singing bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, music or vocal sounds.

Also, dowsing with a pendulum to locate blockages and move the energy around works along with using the open palms of the hands to sense and work within the aura.

An aura spray made with crystals and essential oils has enormous benefits as the vibrational energy of the crystal and the plant work together. And even a diffuser used with essential oils can make a huge difference.

Any one or a combination of these ways can effect a beneficial change on the aura.

Ideally we should maintain our aura on a regular basis and not wait for the body to tell us when something is wrong. 

So what are these Subtle Bodies?

Let’s start with the earth, known as the Earth Mother as it has many similarities to ourselves.

The physical matter of the earth has layers around it.

It has the layer between the surface of the planet right to the edge of our sky. These layers of the atmosphere are; troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere.

These layers are all held in place by a force-field called gravity; an actual force-field of energy that protects our beautiful planet invisibly stretching out into space.

That makes seven layers including the physical matter of earth.  These could be called the earth’s subtle bodies as they don’t have boundaries and one blends into the other seamlessly.

The earth is also spinning in constant movement and has her own energy centres known as the chakras of the planet.

Just like the earth I believe we have our own energy field made up of seven subtle bodies.

These bodies are constantly talking to each other balancing and re-balancing our aura striving to help keep our physical body in perfect working order.

This could easily be thought of as our atmosphere with our own electro-magnetic force field.

The aura is constantly moving around us contracting and expanding depending on our emotions and our needs. It is sensing information, processing information and intelligently acting on it all by itself.

Through the aura we are connected to all things. We are connected to the animal, bird and mineral kingdoms, to trees, plants and the elements. We are connected to all humankind, to the star, the universe and beyond.

We are also connected to all the spiritual realms, guides, angels, archangels and the divine. Therefore it is easy to see that we are connected to all things and in a state of constant flow.

Interestingly the word Aura is borrowed from the Latin word aura meaning ‘a breath of air, the air or a breeze’.

The Physical Body – This is of course the densest layer and is visible, tangible and tactile. It is used as a vehicle by the spiritual body and requires oxygen, food, fluid, exercise and rest to maintain it.

Once the physical body spiritually awakes the eleventh chakra or lower heart chakra is stimulated into action.

This chakra situated under the heart chakra and above the solar plexus reaches out for emotional intelligence and begins to activate the higher chakras.

By pushing our ‘buttons’ the lower heart chakra makes us question everything we ever knew as truth and in doing so brings to the surface old patterning.

Much of this old patterning is stored in the etheric body and once discovered can be processed and like the breeze, blown around a little and gently dispersed.

The Etheric body – The etheric body is the first invisible body held three dimensionally in place around the physical body and stretching out a short distance of around four to twelve inches (8-30cms).

Think of it as a wrap around the body extending out in all directions.

The energy here is of course a lot less dense and so the vibration is faster.

Esoterically healers and Shaman use the etheric body to effect change on the physical body, working on the cause of a dis-ease opposed to working on the symptom.

Combing this energy field with crystals can clear negative energy trapped there.

Comb in broad sweeps through the etheric body out and away from the body.  Likewise stoking crystals through the etheric body towards the heart can move energy through the circulatory system to dissipate energy.

A good healer or Shaman can feel with their hands the etheric body and locate trouble in the etheric body. It takes practise to feel this energy; it can feel warm with a subtle rippling vibration.

Clairvoyants and some energy healers are able to see the etheric body. Also, most people at some point in there lives will ‘accidentally’ see the etheric aura when they least expect too.

On a sunny day with natural light shinning around the body it is possible to see streams of light around the physical body. It appears like a translucent vibrant rainbow.

You may see colours around a baby or small child. You may see colours or an ‘angel’ around a loved one as they pass over. Sometimes we see colours or sense deeply that something is about to happen to a loved one good or bad shortly before it happens. What you pick up on is a big change in the etheric energy field.

The ‘etheric voice’ is the voice that once the tenth chakra or higher heart chakra has been activated talks directly to the fibres of the universe. The result is that a response or answer is felt/found much quicker.

A healthy active throat chakra in right relationship to the self communicates its needs. It is the second chakra to become active after birth and the one that I have found the sacred divine feminine to have the most trouble with in general.

Once one is able to communicate with the etheric voice the passion felt there hurls ones feelings out into the web or matrix causing ripples of vibration reverberating ever further outwards. Prayers, requests, longings and healings asked for by ‘feelings’ are answered.

These two subtle bodies are the ones required an understanding of and relevant too the ‘Healing the Healer’ course. In my experience working with Selenite and Prehnite within the subtle bodies will have profound healing benefits.

Here is an over view of the other five subtle bodies for your reference.

Astral Body – The astral body is also known as the emotional body. It radiates out from the etheric body and can stretch for several feet (metres).

The astral body is much more ‘buoyant’. It moves and wobbles around the physical body like a large soap bubble. The colours are much lighter and it’s more transparent then the etheric body.

When one’s chakras are open the astral body can stretch right out intermingling with energy around it for quite a long way. The outward wall of the astral body can feel like a ‘wind warp’ and you know when someone or thing is in your space as it penetrates this warp.

This is the energy field around you that alerts you when someone is watching you from behind or when spirit communication is near. When spirit moves close within your astral body you can feel it like hairs standing up on the back of your neck or a slight breeze blowing around you.

It is known as the emotional body because it is where emotional energy that has moved out from the etheric body but not yet full processed is stored.

Some carry huge amounts of emotional baggage around with them and it never gets processed or moved on. Others can then pick up on this baggage and may chose not to be around this energy for fear of contaminating their own energy.

Others empathically may dive right in and try and help. Either way the important thing here to note is that your emotional body is like a huge neon sign saying ‘I’m fine or I’m not fine to others and the universe.

With emotional intelligence one can pull the astral body in and put protection around themselves or a shield. Crystals can also be used to do this.

Mental Body – The next layer of the subtle bodies is called the mental body and this is made up of two vibrations;

  • The higher mind relating to the act of mental processing and the ability of authentically using logic and reason.
  • The lower mind relating to the patterns that makes up our learned behaviour. These get imprinted through past lives and childhood. Through relationships, religions, cultures, successes and failures.

This body is very real and many esoteric traditions believe this body is made up of our thoughts. This body would need work on if one was experiencing constant nightmares, night sweats, phobias etc. this body unprotected can leave one wide open to many fears.

The physical, etheric, astral and mental subtle bodies make up the aspects of the lower self.

We are all aware of these at some level on a day to day basis.

The next three subtle bodies make up the aspects of the higher self and have the highest vibration.

 Causal Body – The causal body is also known as the first layer of the soul body as it is within this area of our aura that we carry our soul imprint. This is linked to our karmic record and higher consciousness.

The causal body is also linked into the characteristics of our personality which we bring with us into each lifetime.

It is here that we can learn to tap into any previously learned gifts and bring the knowledge gained from that through. This is also where the path to the akashic records is kept. Becoming aware of the causal body gives you navigational skills around our cosmic universe.

Spiritual Body – This is the second layer of our soul body and contains the energy aspiring to Christ consciousness and ones highest good.

This body represents intuition, instantaneous creative expression and deep passion.

Divine Body – Our understanding of the Divine body is one that lies beyond all the other bodies and yet encompasses all of them wrapping them in Divine love.

It is one of total consciousness.

This is the body of the Masters, Ascended Masters in physical form, one of Buddha or Christ incarnate. This is the body of total spiritual illumination.

With this information, we can now move onto an exercise in Unit 6B. Using your Prehnite, complete the exercise to understand more about your own subtle bodies and where healing is required.