Hematoid Quartz Palm Stone Pink/Red – 90-101 grams


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Hematoid Quartz Palm Stone Pink/Red – 90-101 grams

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Hematoid Quartz

Hematoid quartz is a combination of quartz and hematite so contains the properties of both of these crystals. Combined, the amplification power of clear quartz brings even more power to the stabilising and grounding effects of hematite alone, making this combination perfect for those wanting to stabilise and bring balance to their mind, body and soul.

It works particularly well when used on the lower chakras, a powerful ally to align and stabilise chaotic and emotional energy that can leave the lower chakras out of balance. If you are prone to anxiety or panic, it is believed this crystal will have a calming affect, allowing you to feel more poised when you need it the most.


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