Garnet in Limestone Pendulum


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Garnet in Limestone Pendulum

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The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Garnet in Limestone

We live in a very chaotic dimension. Things rarely stay the same physically, emotionally and spiritually from day to day. Living in the moment is all well and good but there are some things we need daily. Food, water and shelter are a given for our physical survival but we are so much more then this. Garnet in Limestone helps are find our boundaries and grounds us. It teaches ‘to they-self be true’.

Limestone is made up largely of two minerals, aragonite and calcite. Calcite is a calcium carbonate on the periodic table CaCO3. The make up of calcium carbonate is mostly from tiny sea creatures shells and living organisms and organic remains. Aragonite has the same physical and chemical make up requiring fresh water and marine creature environments.

Garnet in Limestone has very unique properties. Spessartine Garnets within the limestone are great for creating change and emotional healing. The limestone is a great earth healer and transformer. Clearing blockages on the physical body and around the physical body makes Garnets in Limestone the great barrier breaker and boundary maker. It clears blockages within the physical body and the aura as well as shielding the physical body from energy lines and geopathic stress energy.

Use Garnets in Limestone in the use of crystal grids. For redirecting energy away from your home and for placing protective boundaries around work-space or bed.

Works on the root chakra and the Earth star chakra.


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