Chalcopyrite – Small Tumbled


Chalcopyrite small tumbled

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Chalcopyrite – Small Tumbled

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The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Chalcopyrite

This stone is pyrite with a copper element, usually more golden than pyrite alone. Our source generally comes from Peru.

Imagine being able to access your current situation, issues, challenges and health by meditating on the crown chakra and accessing not only your life path agreements but also your past life experiences. This information would be invaluable in aiding the resolution of many hiccups you may have faced along your path. There are many healers that believe that with practice Chalcopyrite can do just that. Whether it comes in the form of dreams or by fleeting rememberings coupled with coincidences, watch out for the messages you have been waiting to hear.

Very useful for enabling ‘presence’ within spirit walks, flow dreaming, astral travel and meditation. This gift aids navigation around the spirit realms and the halls of learning. By holding, sleeping or meditating with this crystal, you will find it aids remembering.

Use it to aid working with the third eye chakra and helping to clear the vision.

Many use Chalcopyrite for grounding/protecting ones aura as the copper element will ground negative or stressful energy and the pyrite is really useful for shielding the aura.


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