Black Obsidian Wand 156mm


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Black Obsidian Wand 156mm

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Black Obsidian

Obsidian is the mysterious volcanic glass whose intrinsic properties include truth – by the reflection of our flaws – and clarity of vision. It gives us the ability to find a clear pathway and to navigate the changes necessary to eliminate ‘dead ends’ from our path. For these reasons, Obsidian has built a reputation for itself as a gemstone to be careful with, as the truth can sometimes hurt. The Aztecs, and possibly the Mayas, certainly prized Obsidian highly and it has been found in many examples of their sacred jewellery and decoration. A beautiful piece of polished Rainbow Obsidian has remarkable powers to absorb negative energies within the aura and ground stress from the physical body. It is a strong protective stone which clarifies the inner state of the mind, relieving confusion and centring you with Earth energy. The benefits of Obsidian can be felt almost immediately and by placing a piece on one’s bedside table or under the pillow, it seems to absorb mental stress and tensions. Because of its ability to absorb energy so quickly, it can become saturated and needs to be washed under cold, running water in the morning if it is to be effective the following night. Also known as ‘Apache Tears’ they are often worn around the neck as pendants. These are usually distinguishable as tumbled pieces that are almost totally black. They form in a spiracle shape with conchoidal markings. People drawn naturally to Apache Tears may be surprised to find out that this is known by healers as a ‘comfort’ stone. It is often used by people who need to come to terms with grief or loss, as well as those trying to give up something.


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