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Prehnite is the crystal to heal the healer. ‘From where there was darkness grew light and illumination, peace and calm’. Prehnite is found among the Apophyllite in India. Its pale green colour illuminates from a bed of black rock and powder as it is extracted from the Earth.

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Prehnite is believed by healers to symbolise the unconditional love necessary to heal another. It offers serenity, dignity and a sense of wholeness. This is a gift first believed to be disclosed by the ‘watchers’ to aid the children of men that they may not perish. Meditating with this stone connects you to the grid of the universe. Its pulse is believed to communicate with the energy of the Archangel Raphael. (Raphael accredited as being the healer of God!).

The ‘dreaming’ stone – Prehnite is believed to encourage contact with the higher self by enhancing the visualisation process. It can be used to multiply energies and to enhance our protective fields. It is also believed to enhance the ability to prophesy – by calling on the aid of the divine. Prehnite is excellent in dealing with nightmares and all fears and phobias.