Hematite takes its name from the Greek word for ‘blood’, which is descriptive of the colour seen in powdered Hematite. It is a dense heavy stone with a metallic grey finish when polished. It is found in Cumberland, England, and also Brazil, China, New Zealand, Minnesota plus a few other locations around the globe.

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Hematite is great for motivation. But before we can concentrate on anything remotely motivational we must be grounded. Pulling the aura in and grounding our thoughts is the prerequisite to any magical workings and not so long ago this would have been the language used to describe this thinking pattern.

Used for concentration, hematite makes a great worry stone. Three of four smooth pieces tumbled through your fingers really does have the effect of grounding and cantering one’s energy field.

This is a stone that most healers will not do without. It works extremely well at restoring, strengthening and regulating the blood flow. Hands, crippled from bad circulation, seem to respond to holding a piece of Hematite. In fact there are many who take a piece to bed with them to hold while they drift off to sleep. Sufferers of cramp and spasms notice an immediate improvement in their health just by having it touch their skin.

Hematite grounds negative energies that manifest as stress and calms the nerves. It releases us from compulsive habits like drinking, over-eating and smoking – and from nervous obsessive behaviour.

Hematite is particularly useful for students during exams; for pre-wedding nerves; moving house or dealing with any legal paper-pushing organisation! This is a strong stone which some are not comfortable with. Perhaps it is under the shiny surface lurks the opposite side of their personality. We often do not like our other side or ‘alter-ego’ and this stone has a unique way of bringing it out and making us deal with our strengths as well as our weaknesses. Most of all it teaches one to love oneself.