The colour of Chrysoprase immediately calms ones energy, it’s pleasing to the eye and the soul. Hold a piece of chrysoprase in the hand and emotional chaos turns to optimism, promise, hope and joy.

It’s known for manifesting happiness, finding solutions and coming to terms with life’s waves of ups and downs. It teaches ‘going with the flow’ and ‘letting go’.

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Worn as a piece of jewellery you will let the subtle yet powerful energy of Chrysoprase envelope you with warm comforting hugs.

Chrysoprase is associated with the sacral chakra or the second chakra and is therefore used to treat fertility problems, the digestive system, the goitre, gonads and the hormones. This is sometimes considered one of the most sensitive areas in the entire body (the sacral chakra) as it is the pathway by which birth, death and reincarnation takes place.

This stone can open the doorways to the universe and access life-giving energies from source. Some say that it can even heal a broken heart. It will encourage forgiveness, allowing us to let go and move on.

For goitre problems, absorb the energy of Chrysoprase by wearing as jewellery around the throat, keep it on your person and sleep with it under the pillow.

For fertility, keep a piece in your pocket and place pieces around the home environment.

Use when stressed or apprehensive. Wear as jewellery to attract the energy to you and to aid alignment of the sacral and throat centres. Once these first two important centres are balanced it allows for the other centres to gradually align. This will then free the ‘kundalini’ energy to flow through the ‘bodies’.

Although the chakra centres and Kundalini are theoretical concepts, they are necessary for us to relate to in order to understand the finer balance between ourselves and all that is.

If we were to take the body to pieces no chakras would be found since these represent our connection to the etheric body. Energy flows through these centres when they are in balance and this is commonly called the ‘kundalini’. There is a specific order in which the energy centres need to align in order for healing to take place.