Amber is an ancient tree resin, generally found washed up on the shores or found in the nets of fishermen in the Baltic sea. This is the most sought after Amber due to its level of acidity., Amber is also found in the Dominican Republic and Sicily, but not much of that finds it way to the United Kingdom. Considered a ‘mystical’ resin, it was used by the ancients as a ‘hex-breaker’ and healer of things like asthma, convulsions, bronchial disorders and the plague Pieces of Amber were drilled and worn on the throat chakra around the neck. Amber necklaces and bracelets were given to babies to teeth on.

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Able to absorb negative energies, Amber can trigger the mind into remembering the soul.  In ancient times, particularly to the people of ‘the craft’ throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, this fossilised resin was a favourite material for amulets – worn as protection from the ‘evil eye’.