The 3rd dimensional physical chakra system consisting of the seven chakras that we have all come to know and love, have been going through a process of being transformed.

This is to make way for your new 4th dimensional chakras.

As these new 4th dimensional chakras integrate they will make room for the 5th dimensional chakras known as the Ascension Chakras.

Our first seven 3 dimensional chakras are known as our physical chakras. They are positioned within the energy of the body and are the first ones we become aware of and use to connect us to the earth in the physical.

These are activated as we become aware.

The eight higher spiritual chakras are based on developing a deeper connection to your higher self, the universe and the Divine energy.  They are situated within the physical body and within the aura of the physical body.

Within this twelve unit crystal course our aim is to use crystals to ‘Heal the Healer’, the care giver, the mother, the tired and the worn.

Self- healing with crystals is of incredible value as they facilitate the journey of self- exploration and introspection. And, along this journey the higher heart chakra/tenth chakra is of huge importance to self-healing.

Between the heart chakra (love) and the throat chakra (communication) is the centre of the etheric voice, often referred to as the higher heart. Whereas the heart and the throat chakra of the first seven chakras communicate ones needs on a physical level, the etheric voice or higher heart chakra speaks directly to the very fabric of our universe.

Talking to the divine, to one’s soul path, mother creator or matrix the etheric voice communicates with a feeling and this is a unique language that transcends time and space. This feeling communicates love, truth, humility and gratitude.

Once activated this chakra allows our intention to be heard and set in motion. It talks to our soul path-our origin, our DNA and can set in motion regeneration. It can activate one’s default setting to create deep healing.

Why we use Selenite?

Selenite has the ability to facilitate the activation of the etheric voice. The energy of Selenite correlates directly to the energy output of the etheric voice and so can align to it and help in its activation.

Use your Selenite crystal along with this guided meditation to tap into the etheric voice.

A copy of this meditation can be downloaded for personal use here: