Unit 6B: Prehnite and The Seven Subtle Bodies – EXERCISE

Use the following exercise to gain insight into your own subtle bodies and to understand better where healing needs to occur. 

Have your piece of Prehnite and your journal and pen to hand.

Sit in an upright position in a quiet and calm environment.

Close your eyes and begin breathing slowly and purposefully. Breathe in deep to the count of five and out deep to the count of five.

Feel your body relax. Pull your shoulders down and make yourself comfortable.

Pick up your piece of Prehnite and hold on your lower heart chakra.

Mentally visualise your physical body sat calmly in your safe and secure environment.

As you breathe in and exhale imagine the energy of the Prehnite flushing your breath and circulating through your body. Imagine any negative stress you are holding in your body being exhaled as you breathe.

Now picture your subtle bodies. Hold that image in your head.

What do you see? How far do your subtle bodies expand?

Place your Prehnite in your hand on your lap.

Imagine the Prehnite in each of your subtle bodies.

Ask the Prehnite to flush each and every one of your subtle bodies one at a time.  Each time you exhale blow your deep breath out far away from you. Feel that you are physically clearing your energy field hoovering up the dissipated negative energy moved by the Prehnite.

Once you have worked on each subtle body visualise the colour of the Prehnite directing it to any part of your subtle body that you felt requires healing.

Take your time and allow your feelings and thoughts to flow.

When you are ready open your eyes.

Write in your journal all your thoughts and findings. Be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to note any surprising feelings or opinions that surface.

A good exercise is when there are lots of thought provoking things written down to analyze. It allows us an insight into how we are truly thinking and what we need to address.

For the next unit, you will receive an exclusive guided meditation to deepen your healing journey with Prehnite. As always, don’t forget to connect with the Healing The Healer Facebook group to discuss your journey with others taking the course or to pose any questions you may have.