Rose Quartz – Drilled


Rose Quartz – Drilled

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Rose Quartz – Drilled per piece

The Healing and Metaphysical  Properties of Rose Quartz 

Romance, love, sex and fertility; everybody needs a little rose quartz in their life.

A gentle loving crystal, the colour can be fragile and weak, just like ones emotions but still a warm, healing and compassionate friend. Opens the heart bringing authentic truth to relationship, including the relationship to the self.

Many healers use rose quartz to bring love and romance in. It is also used for healing with children and animals due to the gentle nature of the quartz. For children and babies, placed in the bottom of the bed or cot (or under the bed or cot if using a large piece. In the case of animals, placed in the bedding or string with chord around the neck. Animal healers love rose quartz as its so versatile, used on horses to calm them, also in fish tanks and on dog collars to name a few uses.

Known as the ‘inner peace’ stone, Rose Quartz is widely believed to emit a calming, cooling energy that works on all the chakras to gently remove negativity and reinstate the calm, gentle force of self-love. It restores tranquillity and clarity after times of chaos or crisis. Rose Quartz opens the crown and brow chakras producing gentleness from within and around the user. It can restore peace and understanding to a relationship or friendship. Rose Quartz has been used to remove impurities and excess fluids from the body. It is also believed by some to soften the complexion and reduce wrinkles. Despite its name, Rose Quartz has more in common with Calcite than the Quartz family. It grows in masses, as opposed to the usual six sided points of Quartz. Large pieces are often used in places of healing and meditation rooms. It is an excellent healer of the ‘first wound’, which helps us to come to terms with the underlying cause. However, it does it in a gentle, calming way that attunes to one’s own pace. (First wound is the cause from which the illness, disease or issues began. It can be from a long time ago or something that could be considered unrelated or even trivial. However, finding the trigger is a major part in finding a healing or cure. )


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