Nine Morgens of Avalon: From the Stars to the Stones


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Nine Morgens of Avalon: From the Stars to the Stones

Welcome to the Nine Pathways of the Nine Morgens, 9 sisters from the Realm of Ancient Avalon. Nine embodiments of Goddess in Heart Awareness and Sacred Feminine Principles in all.

This book, part 2 of the Ninefold Chronicles, takes you on a little journey through time again to explore and experience the energy of the Ninefold through ancient Lineage & Heritage.

Nine Morgens dwell through the realms of Avalon, on the Land, into the Earth, from stardust to elemental shape, through your visions, dreams and in many, many oral traditions and ancient stories. Through Avalonian traditions, they are connected with the Celtic mysteries, the Athurian Myths and Legends. The Morgens who hold the knowledge of astronomy, astrology, mathematics, healing, music, herbal lore, shapeshifting, divination and so much more..

They call you through the mists of time to remember, to awaken, to sense. A whisper in the wind, a touch in your hair, a feather on your path, they guide you through the portals of old and hold your hand when you step forward and meet them, receive their touch of wisdom and be ready for a magical rite of remembrance.


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